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Do you want to play geo-restricted games and stream blocked content on your PC? If yes, don’t worry; you can do this easily. As you know, each country and government has its own rules and regulations, so they ban or block apps, games, etc., according to their rules. Most countries recently banned YouTube and games like PUBG. if your country also blocked such apps don’t worry; you can still watch blocked content. But the question is how? Let me tell you, use free VPN. There are a lot of VPNs that help you get access to blocked content. But you should use a more reliable and free-of-cost VPN for your pc like iTop VPN.

In this article, I will tell you why you should use VPN for windows and which VPN  is most reliable in 2022. 

Why should you use an VPN? 

There are different reasons to use a VPN on your PC , such as the following.

  • Security on public wifi

Although wifi is convenient to use, it has high security risks. When you use public WiFi, someone can track all your online activities after that, like if you are scrolling on social media apps or talking to someone through email and text messages.

Thus VPN can protect you in this regard. It hides your browsing activity, saves your password, and protects you from international predators.

  • Data privacy from your internet service provider 

However, there are chances of stealing your data if you get data from any internet service provider.  But the free VPN protects your data from  these service providers. 

  • Data privacy from the apps and services you use

You also can’t rely on your lips as it doesn’t guarantee 100 percent security. Internet services like Facebook are known for using the data of their users.

Thus VPN will protect and will not allow other apps to do this. It will not disclose your location and browser history location.

  • Data privacy from your government 

Although many ISP apps and internet data hubs claim that they don’t sell your data to the government or any third party, it is still not proven and unclear.

In 2013 an issue appeared in which Edward Snowden m showed that version is selling their user’s data ( both internet and mobile data) to the government. After this, people became aware of this. Different laws were made to curb government surveillance. New York time says

In Journey 2022, the defense intelligence agency made a law that government agencies must produce warrants before forcing mobile companies to share their user’s data. The VPN protects your data and doesn’t allow such apps to share with anyone. 

  • Access to any content in any place 

With the help of a free VPN, you can get access to the latest criminal minds episodes and content, which is not allowed in your country. In most countries, including the U.S, its use is not illegal. It aids in a useful workout to content restrictions.

VPNs change your location and pretend that you are browsing from another place. Thus you can watch the content which is banned in your region.

  • Work from home without worry 

For some people, it is difficult to return to the office anytime. So VPN is very useful for them. They can securely log in to the shared company network. It protects your data files and projects.

Additionally When you use a VPN, it makes sure that your communications are protected. It also gives protection to your company from cyber-attacks.

  • Keep your business information secure .

There are high chances of stealing your data when you use public wifi. Using a VPN while opening your emails and check balance account will make your data secure.

  • Control access 

VPN for windows also has a feature of control options. So it does not give Access to the entire employee. The employee will need to login and verify their authorization before access is given

  • Browser safety on any device 

It helps you connect to your business cloud no matter which device you are using. It protects your security.

  • Bypass geo-blocking 

When you travel internationally for business purposes, you must need a VPN. Some locations block or censor some parts of the internet. Thus it can make you worry.VPN will help you use this censored part of the internet

  • Keep your transactions safe.

VPN makes your transaction protected. It encrypts your connection. It ensures all unauthorized tracking of your business or personal transaction.

  • Avoid social media blocks.

Some countries have blocked social media apps like Facebook etc., so when you travel to some countries like Iran and china. You will probably need a VPN to use these social media apps.

Why to choose iTop VPN?

The iTop VPN is a free tool that aids you in surf web browsers privately with a military-grade protected connection. it is best VPN for windows. This tool protects your IP address and keeps your data safe. This tool allows you to stream blocked content on your device, like movies, TV shows, music, etc., Netflix series, etc. 

Additionally, you can visit all websites which are blocked in your region.

If you are a games lover and your government blocked your favorite game, you can use iTop VPN to play your favorite games. iTop VPN  Will not show your location to anyone, so no one can track you if you are using iTop VPN.

How to use an iTop VPN on PC?

Here are easy steps for you to use iTop VPN. 

  • Go to the iTop official website, and download the iTop VPN setup file. 
  • Install the downloaded file on your PC and launch it
  • When it is successfully installed on your PC, you can use it for watching blocked content, games, shows, applications, etc.


No doubt the VPN is a useful tool, but not all VPNs provide 100 percent positive outcomes, but iTop VPN is one of the most amazing VPNs that keep your data safe from attackers and scammers. You can stream any blocked content with this amazing tool. Additionally, play all games without any region restrictions. So install iTop VPN on your device. 



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