OSRS Arclight Guide


In OSRS, you’ll find a diverse array of weapons and items, each with unique properties and lore. You’ll spend loads of OSRS gold on many of these weapons, but not Arclight. This excellent weapon for fighting demons is an untradeable item you can obtain for free from a series of quests. Arclight stands out as a weapon of notable significance because of this.

Arclight, a mighty sword, holds a special place in the arsenal of OSRS. It’s primarily used for slaying demons, crafted by enhancing the Darklight sword after challenging quests and activities. Its effectiveness against demonic creatures makes it an important item for those keen on tackling some of the most formidable foes in the game. The journey to obtain and wield the Arclight is as rewarding as it is challenging, offering you a chance to immerse yourself in the game’s profound lore and strategic combat system.

Obtaining Darklight

Firstly, you need to possess Darklight, Arclight’s precursor. Darklight is obtained by completing the quest “Shadow of the Storm.” Ensure you have completed this quest, which requires completing “The Golem” and “Demon Slayer” quests as prerequisites.

Gathering Ancient Shards

Arclight is created by infusing Darklight with Ancient Shards. These shards are found in the Catacombs of Kourend. You’ll need three of them to transform Darklight into Arclight. Kill monsters in there until you obtain the shards. Any monster within the Catacombs drops Ancient Shards, but higher-level monsters have a better drop rate.

Efficient Shard Farming

Focus on monsters that you can defeat efficiently. Balance the difficulty of the monsters with your combat level and gear. Some players find success targeting larger groups of lower-level monsters, while others prefer taking on tougher individual foes.

Infusing Darklight with Ancient Shards

Once you have gathered three Ancient Shards, head to the altar in the center of the Catacombs. Here, you can combine your Darklight with the shards to create Arclight. This process is irreversible, so be sure of your decision.

Recharging Arclight

Arclight depletes over time and needs recharging with more Ancient Shards. Each shard extends its charge by 1,000 hits.

In your adventures within OSRS, wielding Arclight can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness, especially in specific scenarios. This weapon is not just a mere tool; it’s a strategic asset that, when used wisely, can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Arclight is renowned for its exceptional power against demonic enemies. It offers a 70% increase in accuracy and damage when used against such foes, a substantial boost compared to other weapons. This makes it indispensable in battles against demons, common in various quests and locations throughout OSRS.

One of the most notable advantages of Arclight is its special attack, which not only deals increased damage but also temporarily reduces the target’s attack, strength, and defense stats. This makes it particularly effective in prolonged fights, where weakening your opponent can be crucial.

Where to Use

Arclight proves to be most effective in situations involving demon-type enemies. It’s handy in Slayer tasks where you’re assigned to defeat demons and in boss fights against demonic bosses like Kril Tsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon. Its effectiveness also extends to other popular demon bosses like the Abyssal Sire and Skotizo, where its increased damage and accuracy can significantly reduce your battle time and resource consumption.

Arclight’s advantages lie in its enhanced capabilities against demonic foes, making it a strategic choice in specific combat scenarios within OSRS. Its ability to weaken enemies further cements its position as a valuable weapon in your arsenal, especially when tackling some of the more challenging demonic adversaries in the game, such as:

  • Abyssal Demons
  • Demonic Gorillas
  • Skotizo
  • Krill

Long Term

As you continue your journey in OSRS, considering the long-term use of Arclight is crucial for maximizing its benefits. While highly effective, this powerful weapon requires thoughtful management to maintain its efficiency over time. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Recharging Arclight

Arclight’s charge is finite, depleting with use. It’s powered by Ancient Shards, which are not always easy to come by. You should regularly venture into the Catacombs of Kourend to farm these shards, balancing your time between shard collection and other activities. Ensuring a steady supply of shards will keep Arclight at its full potential.

Balancing Usage

While Arclight is superb against demons, using it exclusively can lead to rapid depletion of its charge. Consider using it strategically for high-value targets, like demon bosses or challenging Slayer tasks, rather than for regular, low-level demon encounters. This approach helps in conserving its charge for more critical battles.

Alternatives and Comparisons

Having alternative weapons for situations where Arclight isn’t the optimal choice is beneficial. Understanding how Arclight compares to other weapons in your arsenal regarding damage output and utility will help you decide when to use it.

Monitoring Charges

Keep a close eye on Arclight’s charge level. Running out of charge during a crucial fight can be detrimental. Being proactive about recharging will ensure it’s always ready for important battles, like checking the OSRS gold prices will ensure you won’t overspend.

In essence, using Arclight effectively in OSRS requires a balance between strategic use, regular maintenance, and staying informed about the best practices within the community. Considering these factors, you can ensure that Arclight remains a powerful and reliable weapon in your journey through the game.


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