Real Racing 3: A Must Have Game For Android Smartphone Users

    Race Over 200 World Real Cars

    Real Racing for Android smartphones

    You won’t find a better SIM racing game for Android smartphones and tablet out there. It’s one of the best from EA, a well-known name in the industry.

    Just so you should know now, the game is free.

    I personally love driving games and some of the things I usually look out for are the nitro boost and the drift. The sound adds to the fun and I’m always like “wow”.

    Real Racing 3 has a got all that and even a much more realistic SIM racing experience. A significant change is how one has to slow down when at a curve’s edge to avoid crashing. This is more realistic compared to what we’ve seen in other SIM racing games.

    Though learning to deal with the curve can be frustrating in the beginning but when you are ready, it feels real and you will love it.

    Just as expected, there are cars to choose from. The slow clunkers to the fast-moving sports cars. The difference between these two categories is as expected; The speed. There are more differences which could be easily noticed, sports cars accelerate faster from the starting line and also decelerates more quickly when it gets close to curves.

    Real Racing 3

    The Assist mode also makes things easy for new gamers; automatic brake assist, steering assist and traction control. There too is the manual control which allows more control to players. (

    I really enjoyed using the manual control as I did everything myself and it really felt better as I played on.

    Again, cars of your dream are also there for you to choose and drive in the virtual world. Real Racing 3 choice of real-world cars is very appealing.

    You just have to appreciate the cars and their looks, there leaving any competition out there far behind.

    Another thing is the tracks, they are not bad at all. Flying with the speed of 200MPH on such environment is what I could do all day.

    Now, this one puts the mind to rest. You don’t spend a dime in the game unless you want to. EA’s presumed $10 for Real Racing 1&2 is not happening. After a month of driving on those tracks and acquiring and using 7 cars, I haven’t spent a dime.

    The only way EA makes money from the game is from impatient players. After racing for a while, your car has to undergo some maintenance.

    This maintenance can take minutes and sometimes runs into hours. Here, you can get a quick fix by paying with Gold without having to wait for the maintenance.

    As you will get to realize, the Gold coins are essential in upgrading and getting new vehicles.

    Patient players can get through the maintenance time by using Gold earned during racing.

    Most of the maintenance problem happen early on in the game. This will be due to not having cars to choose from when one goes bad. As you play the game for some time, you begin to acquire new cars where you can switch to another when one is bad.

    In this way you don’t have to wait while your car is in maintenance, you simply choose another one and get going.

    And lastly, another twist to make things more interesting. There is competition not just with other cars but with other players in a different location.

    This means you don’t get to the end but keep winning titles and reclaim lost titles from other gamers that took it from you. You can also connect to your Facebook handle.

    There is more to this feature when you experience it than what you can possibly read here.


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