How to turn off call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks

    How to turn off call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks

    For almost a year now, I have been battling with this issue of call forwarding notification that pops up on my phone screen whenever I try to make a call with my MTN, Airtel, and Glo SIM cards. At a point, I thought I was the one that mistakenly activated the call forwarding service on my SIM cards unknowingly, but I recently realized that this was either secretly turned on by someone I gave my phone to in the past or I am been monitored by the Nigerian security agent- for a reason best known to them.

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    The fact is that many people in Nigeria are currently faced with this issue without knowing how to turn it off. Just like I did, many may have checked all the settings on their phones in a bid to turn off the call forwarding without success. In most cases, the solution is not in your phone settings. Just by dialing a simple USSD code, you can permanently turn off call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks.

    If you live in Nigeria and you always see “call forwarded” notification anytime you want to make a call. Don’t take this lightly. Someone or group of people may be monitoring calls, text messages, and fax. Even if you don’t see such notifications, you can still check and be certain that your phone communications are not been monitored by following these simple steps below.

    Note: Call forwarding in this context doesn’t mean that your calls would be diverted to another phone number without reaching your intended phone number (this can simply be set up from your CALL SETTINGS on your phone). What I mean here is; you trying to call John and he picks up, James (a third party) will also be somewhere monitoring your conversations with John with either their phone device or computer, without your notice.

    1 How to turn off call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks

    How to check if your calls, text, and fax are being forwarded

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    To check if your SIM cards have call forwarding activated, just dial *#61# on your phone. Once the code has been dialed, you will receive a pop-up message showing if your calls, texts, and fax have been forwarded or not. If the call forwarding is active, the message will still show you the phone number that those calls are forwarded to.

    2 How to turn off call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks

    How to turn off Call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks

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    Now that you have known how you can check if your phone communications are being monitored; you can as well turn off call forwarding if found enabled. To do so, just dial ##002# to get your SIM cards off the hook.

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