12 Best Anime Games On Roblox

12 best Anime games on Roblox
12 best Anime games on Roblox

Roblox is a game creation engine and gaming platform that allows kids to play, create, code, and publish their own 3D video games. Roblox has Anime games for people of all ages. If you’re looking for a specific genre of game on Roblox, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it. You do, however, need to look in the right place.

12 Best Roblox Anime Games 2022

The following are some of the best Roblox anime games:

  1. AOT: Freedom Awaits
  2. Guess the Anime
  3. Hunter X Hunter
  4. Attack on Titan: Downfall
  5. Anime Tycoon
  6. All-Star Tower Defense
  7. Mother: The Promised Neverland
  8. Blotch
  9. Anime Cross 2
  10. Anime Battle Arena
  11. Super Saiyan Simulator 2
  12. Anime Fighting Simulator

AOT: Freedom Awaits

This is a free-roaming titan killing game that is regarded as one of the best Roblox anime games. It differs from the other Attack on Titans games in that it places a strong emphasis on aesthetics. This game now has four locations: three PVE maps (the Forest of Giant Trees, Shiganshina, and the Training map) and one PVP map (the Underground Chapel). The level design and general atmosphere lead players to believe that their allies will abandon them and transform them into titans.

Roblox is one of the best platforms for playing games created by other developers. Some games, on the other hand, are difficult to complete. As a result, some users have devised a method to overcome these challenges and enhance their gaming experience. For exploiting script vulnerabilities, Krnl is the most effective and dependable Roblox exploit.

Guess the Anime

This Roblox game is a little more suited to players looking for a light-hearted game. Unlike the other games in this series, this one does not have many difficulties. In reality, the game’s approach is entirely different.

As the game title suggests, you must guess the various anime characters that are shown to you. This game will put your anime skills to the test. The game is about to throw various characters from various series at you. Your task would be to guess the character’s name.

Hunter X Hunter

This is a role-playing combat exploration videogame based on the popular anime and manga series “Hunter X Hunter.” If you’ve ever wanted to be an excellent hunter and one of the best, or if you just want to look forward to a new season or Manga chapter, playing the game would undoubtedly suit you well. The visual style of the videogame is similar to that of a hunter-hunter game.

This game can be played by up to three people at once. You can also make numerous progressions, and if you get tired of your initial character, simply create a new one. 

Attack on Titan: Downfall

Attack on Titan: Downfall is a fantastic game that features a plethora of legendary characters. This game is a good replacement for its predecessor, AoT Liberty, with more powerful attacks and fewer bugs. To earn XP and upgrade weapons, you and the other online players must defend a city from Titan, just like in the show.

Anime Tycoon

It is yet another hugely popular anime game created with Roblox. The game’s centerpiece is that the player can select a character from any of the popular anime shows. This game eventually allows you to play as your favorite character.

Furthermore, when playing the game with the character you choose, you can clash with your friends or other players. What makes this game so great is that it is constantly adding new content, such as new characters from new anime shows. Getting to try out your character’s abilities provides you with a unique sense of enjoyment from the character you chose to be your in-game avatar.

All-Star Tower Defense

This is a tower defense game with a variety of anime heroes to choose from. It is one of the best Roblox anime games available. There are three modes: experimental, infinite, and narrative. Because the goals are simple and well-defined, one does not need to use their brain to play. Players are categorized based on their star ratings, and this game has at least 80 protagonists, not including transformations.

Mother: The Promised Neverland

It is modeled after the children who devour anime in the manga “The Promised Neverland.” It is, indeed, round-based gameplay, with the goal of eluding the wicked mother’s devilish and insatiable hunger. The game requires a functioning brain; if you don’t have one, you’re probably already dead. Read books with your mother to improve your escape skills.


Not quite the visuals of Bleach, but the content hidden in the realms you can explore is still enjoyable. In the game, one could find all or most of the anime’s weaponry and locations, including everything that made the show famous. Furthermore, you get almost exactly the same action as in the anime. Blotch will show you some interesting things.

Anime Cross 2

Anime Cross 2 revolves around almost every major Japanese anime franchise. Even though you can create your own avatar, there are 60 pre-made characters with a variety of skills. But it’s not your typical RPG. It’s primarily a team-based objective game with some solo modes and a battle royale mode. In short, it has plenty of content for players looking for a great anime game.

Anime Battle Arena

It’s another anime fighting game with a lot of different dynamics and unique components that make the whole thing very exciting to play. The player can also customize and train his character in this game.

The player can choose from a variety of anime characters from a rooster. Anime Battle Arena (ABA) features characters from all of your favorite shows. You will fight other players using these characters to determine who is the better warrior between the two of you. Similar attack and special move combinations can be used in battle to gain an advantage over the enemy.

Super Saiyan Simulator 2

This Roblox anime game immerses you in a universe that resembles the world of Dragon Ball Z in some ways. Some of the characters, such as Goku, appear and play decent roles in the videogame. Like any other classic RPG, you are dropped into the world to complete side tasks in order to gain XP and eventually employ the series’ transformation styles such as the Kaioken, False Super Saiyans, and much more.

Transformations are a type of game mechanic that increases your HP, Energy, and Damage. Each one requires a specific level of power to change, so enter the Transformation name into chat and submit it. There are currently 74 free transformations and 3 premium transformations available.

The Roblox gaming engine allows users to easily select and play thousands of games. Some games, on the other hand, are difficult to complete. As a result, some users have devised a method to overcome these challenges and enhance their gaming experience. They accomplish this by using the Krnl key in the system and scripts.

Anime Fighting Simulator

As the game encourages the player to brawl with other characters, it includes multiple fighting mechanics. What makes such a game unique is that it allows players to select their own fighting style. A skill can be trained and developed by the player. Using numerical keys, he can practice certain aspects of his combat abilities. Training them would also allow the player to strike harder and faster, as well as learn new techniques.

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There must be thousands of games on Roblox, and among those thousands, at least a few hundreds must be anime-themed. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 Best Anime games on Roblox (Anime) of 2022 for you. So, go ahead and try them all, and have a great time doing so.

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