What is the difference between Home painting and mural painting?

Home painting and mural painting

Home painting and mural painting are both examples of wall painting. The main difference between both paintings is that murals are advanced art while home painting is simple wall paint. Mural painting is art about a specific drawing of a person or memory on the wall. In addition, the look of a home painting is quite different from a mural painting. Painting companies Perth are known for all kinds of painting. People know them for their expertise in their field. However, it is a client’s choice of what type of paint they want at their premises. Furthermore, not every painting is suitable for every place. To enhance the look of a site, selecting the proper paint type is a must.

Home painting is just a colour paint on a wall. At the same time, mural painting is an art that consists of drawing special moments and any story on a wall. People love to do the mural painting in their houses too. Yet mural painting depicts a specific message to people. That’s why it is specially applied to distinctive walls and places.

Difference between home painting and mural painting:

After reading this article, you can describe the difference between home and mural painting. Both are kinds of paintings, but they differ in their colour, texture, technique, places, time, and cost.

Home painting

People paint their houses, offices, buildings, and other places for a perfect look. To paint a home is not an old thing. History is replete with a painting of walls and houses. In short, the new fashion trends we see daily are a work of many centuries. New colours and techniques were created and added to the paintings with time. In addition, home painting has become the necessity of today. Not only does it save your place from damage but also give an enchanting view to your house. To understand the difference between home and mural painting, you should know about home and mural painting. Painting services Perth will offer you varieties of quality home paintings.

Material of home painting

The material for home painting consists of oil paints, brushes, a ladder, spatula, boxes, and other tools. Also, the cost of home painting materials will cost you less. House painting services Perth are known for providing quality home painting material.

Techniques of home painting

 The technique of home painting is relatively simpler than that of mural painting. Home painting does not require an advanced and complicated process. Anyone with good sense and practice does home painting. While not every painter can do a mural painting.

Time required for home painting

Well, it depends on your painters and how long they will take. But the time required for home painting is less than that of mural painting. One Stop Renovation Perth does home painting in a given time. Hiring them for your home painting will be a good decision.

Cost of home painting

The cost of home painting is much less than that of mural painting. It is cheaper, while murals are expensive. Home painting is simple to apply on walls. Hence, home Painting takes less time. Owing to simple techniques and less time, its cost is lower than that of mural painting.

Mural painting 

Mural painting differs from home painting because it is an art or drawing on a wall. People do mural painting on the walls for specific purposes. For example, you have seen a particular drawing of some event in many buildings on a wall. These walls give an important message of something. Or maybe they are memories of some special occasion. Mural painting has been quite famous in large buildings from old times. However, now people do the painting by themselves  in their own homes. Either they want to pay tribute to any personality or see their special moments on a wall. Mural painting is also quite different from that street art. The significance of mural painting is that many times many governmental organisations opted for mural painting. However, there are benefits of mural paintings too. Mural paintings on walls are captivating to the eyes. If you want to share specific vital messages with the public, then mural painting will serve your purpose. Furthermore, it makes public places more attractive. If you do the mural painting in your home, it will serve the same purpose.

Material of mural painting

To some extent, the material of both paintings is the same. However, some things are extra in the material of mural painting. It consists of acrylic paints, various colours, and some additional crafts tools.

Techniques of mural painting

The mural is very technical, about drawing something on a wall. Mural painting is not a common painter’s job. Mural painting demands a lot of learning and understanding. As well as painting a drawing or art on a wall is not easy. (Cymbalta) In short, only expert muralists do this well. Painting companies Perth offer mural paintings for your home, offices, and other places.

Time required for mural painting

The time required for mural painting is dependent on the client’s demand. Compared to home painting, mural painting takes a lot of time. The reason is that murals are an art that requires time for their completion. On the other hand, home painting is simple as it is not about the drawings. 

Cost of mural painting

The cost of mural painting is more than that of home painting. In short, mural painting is more expensive than home painting.


Painting companies in Perth will provide you with both types of painting services. They have experienced and professional painters of specialised fields. Tell them what kind of painting you want. If you wish to do home painting, discuss the colour scheme, quality, and other things with them. But if you’re going to do mural painting, do a detailed meeting with them about it. You will be surprised after seeing the quality results.

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