iMind Reviews: a Heavy Hitter in the Video Conferencing World


You can increase the productivity of running your company by taking full advantage of remote video solutions. Tools for distance chatting give you numerous opportunities, the biggest of which is time and cost efficiency. iMind is also a video communication platform for enterprises.

This is a user-friendly decision which has been highly appreciated by customers in the United States and elsewhere. Moreover, it has improved the value of web meetings to the best of their class.

Features Available with IMind

There is a wide range of possibilities for any business requirements with this video conferencing platform. Some of the key features that we highlight are:

  • screen sharing is open for several participants at the same time;
  • simple and rapid establishment of the rooms;
  • recording of sessions, its cloud based preservation and distribution;
  • number of participants control;
  • using it both in the browser and via the app;
  • online chat for business in the Pro plan;
  • connection quality statistics;
  • volume control;
  • convenient talking environment thanks to noise suppression.

Something special about is that it offers a free plan and nearly all of the functions available with a paid monthly subscription. Being able to invite as many as a 100 participants and do up to ten separate rooms fulfills most of the basic needs of making business calls. If you want more functions, there are other three reasonably priced calling plans which are available in the USA and elsewhere.

What Makes the iMind Conferencing Platform Better than Other Ones?

As for all the above features of conferences in iMind, there are the following advantages that set this platform apart from the rest:

  • the platform is easy for you to get started, as joining a conference or creating your own is very simple;
  • qualitative connection, audio and video enable comfortable chatting for the entire team, no matter where the members are based;
  • free plan lets you get to know the tool and decide if you need the extra functionalities;
  • fee-based versions are available at an affordable price, and the scope of the features decreases depending on the size requirements of the company;
  • a platform is rapidly expanding and evolving, so user feedback provides a powerful driving force for improving solutions;
  • the instrument is available for browsers, or you can use it in an app, which makes it a comfort to join meetings from almost any type of device.

And these are unbiased reasons for people to pay more attention to

Getting Started with iMind Platform

Because these days, business and beyond need to be as quick and productive as possible, iMind conferences offer the best start to using the programme. What you have to do is select a plan and give the link to another member who is going to join you. There you go. So now you have entry to your preferred feature and function of the iMind video conferencing software tool for enterprises.

Customer Reviews About iMind Conferencing Platform

This is a pretty significant trusted platform for U.S. users. Each client finds its own benefits in this solution, but most of them pay specific attention to reliable connection, screen share options and ease of use. To find out even more about the video conferencing tool for companies and how people have liked it, visit

Therefore, among the many advanced online conferencing solutions in the U.S.A, iMind is now the most talked about. Secretly, iMind does everything it can to give its users the most up-to-date features to meet today’s requirements for business networking.



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