Few TikTok Challenges to Inspire Your Next Campaign


In the short period that TikTok has been active on social media, it has grown fast. Users can make and share 15–60 second movies on any subject on the social media – site – that solely supports video. With TikTok’s video editing features and extensive sound library, it’s simple to make engaging videos for your target audience, whoever they may be.

To organise TikTok challenges that help them increase brand recognition or signal boost something they are passionate about, many influencers and brands have started to embrace the fun, viral nature of TikTok and its simple-to-use video creation platform.

Here, we’ll outline the three steps you may follow to make your TikTok challenge and inspire you by sharing seven of our favourite TikTok challenge examples.

Establish a TikTok challenge

Make sure your challenge is simple to complete, enjoyable to participate in, and notably – inclusive and accessible to everyone Click here.

In honouring Mother’s Day, Colgate, for instance, coined the hashtag #MakeMomSmile. The goal of the challenge is to brighten your mother’s or mother-day figure in whatever way you can, whether it be breakfast in bed or a dance-off challenge.

Driven Awareness

Engage TikTok-specific influencers to help build a groundswell of support for your challenge and raise knowledge about it.

You may use the engaged and devoted following of well-known creators to attract a new audience on TikTok by – collaborating with them.

Hashtag challenges

As one of the most popular tactics used by the TikTok community, let’s start at the beginning and create viral hashtag challenges. These challenges are then marked with the hash symbol “#” to make them more memorable and popular online. With this approach, you may partner with influencers to encourage user content creation, creating a content-rich environment as opposed to one that has comments and shares.

Here are some characteristics of a hashtag that could help spread the word about your challenge:

It should be easy to look for, distribute, and remember, and its spelling and memory should be straightforward. It must be worth sharing.

Because it makes it easier for people to remember and recall, the hashtag should be relevant to your challenge. Due to this, it stands out.

Album Cover Challenge

By replicating the album artwork in a TikTok video, participants in this organic challenge get asked to illustrate which song best expresses their current circumstances.

Since it’s so simple to uncover a relatable event that speaks directly to brand categories, this challenge is a fantastic opportunity for businesses and creatives to collaborate.

To increase brand awareness and reach, take in TikTok challenges

TikTok is still in its infancy, and given its phenomenal success in the short time it has existed, there is little reason to doubt that it will continue to draw large numbers of influencers and content producers. The best justification for moving your brand’s marketing activities to the platform is the calibre of talent present – there and the users’ commitment to the site.

And one of the finest ways to achieve that is through challenges on TikTok. You’re well on your way to developing the next trending TikTok challenge that will increase brand recognition by using the techniques we’ve covered in this post and the samples we’ve provided.


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