How To Use Facebook’s New Feature @friends Mention To Increase Reach

Facebook's New Feature @friends Mention

What started as a networking platform for college students has ballooned into the largest social media platform in the world. Today Facebook commands slightly over 1.6 Billion users Worldwide.

Besides being one of the largest social media platforms in the internet space, Facebook has evolved over the years to become one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world. In addition to the like button, tagging, and liking comments among other features, Facebook has transformed to suit the needs of the current social media market.

Other features that have propelled Facebook to greater heights include the introduction of Reels, newsfeeds, events, reactions, and notifications among other features. Plus, you can scout out competitors through suggested Facebook Pages to Watch, Facebook Insights data for business analysis, the invites features to increase likes, the Facebook Pixel for  Facebook Ads retargeting, and the Facebook Ads relevance score.

The numerous changes that  Facebook has undergone over the years have not only made it one of the most sought-after platforms but also attracted a lot of advertisers. Today, over 10 million active advertisers are using the platform to promote their products and services.

In this article,we explore how to use the Facebook @friends  Mention feature to expand the scope of the audience.

The Friends  Mention  Feature

 The friend’s Mention feature lets users respond with a comment and include somebody’s name in the body of the text.In this case their names become a hyperlink directly to their page and they get a notification.

If you mention a friend on Facebook, the audience you select can get a notification.In this case, you can choose to either select specific friends or include anyone in your audience. As you comment, you can easily mention the people you want to see your comment or post so that they can also engage.

Generally,if someone mentions you, it is likely to appear on the notification.In that regard, you can check out where you have been mentioned by checking out the notifications icon on your Facebook app via your phone.

So how do you leverage Facebook’s Mention features to expand the scope of the audience? Here is how.

Engage With The Audience

Just like other social media platforms, engagement plays a significant role in increasing reach. The more people interact with your content the more they are likely to share your information with their friends.

Once people get to notice your brand, they are not only likely to become loyal followers but also increase the potential of reaching new people. Do not take any mentions for granted. Responding to posts or comments that mention your name indicates that you appreciate the gesture which plays a significant role in building your community.

Include Hashtags 

If you are looking for ways of increasing the scope of your audience then including hashtags in your mentions is a powerful trick you can use to take your brand to the next level. Remember using hashtags not only helps you reach more people but also the niche-specific audience.

For example, when you post and mention a few people or brands on your page,it is important to include targeted hashtags. This will make it easy for people searching for more information linked to the hashtags to find you with ease.

Additionally, including hashtags separates you from the pack by boosting the visibility of your brand. The more visible you are the higher the chances people mentioned on your post can be seen. When you reach out to more people, chances are you stand a chance to push your brand through the noise and get noticed.

Tag Other People

Once you leverage the Facebooks mention feature, you can as well go ahead to tag the people you have mentioned. This makes it easy to not only show other people that you can be trusted but also draw their attention to the post.

For example, in case the people you mentioned aren’t able to see a notification, at least they can be able to see where they have been tagged. If done correctly, you not only stand a chance to improve engagement but also build a strong online portfolio.

With more engagement, you stand a chance to widen the scope of your audience and build a powerful online portfolio.

Invite Them To Like Your Post

Another powerful trick you can use to expand the scope of the audience is mentioning followers to like your content. This is one of the most effective tricks you can use to boost engagement and build your community.

With the mentioned feature, people tend to believe that you value their presence which plays a critical role in increasing followers. Alternatively, you can mention friends and invite them to participate in your contest.

Being that your main aim is to increase reach, inviting people to engage with your content makes it easy for them to share your content which is ideal for building your Facebook community.

The more people interact with your content, the higher the chances you are likely to generate organic followers for your  Facebook profile.If done correctly, you can easily convert Facebook followers into loyal customers and grow your brand.

Be Creative

Just like any other platform, creativity plays a significant role in attracting new followers.In this case, you can invest time and effort in sharing interesting content and mentioning friends to comment or like the post.

The more people you mention find the content valuable, the higher the chances of attracting new followers. When you have a highly engaged platform, you not only stand a chance to generate new followers but also break the internet.

Therefore if you are looking for ways of expanding the scope of the audience, it’s high time you leverage creativity. The more creative content you share the more people will start following up on your post.In the long run, you stand a chance to build a highly engaging portfolio which is important for growth.

Leverage Video Content

Video content has a high chance of attracting followers compared to text and images.If people find the content valuable, they are likely to share it with their friends. As such, you can leverage the Facebook mention feature to encourage people to share and watch the video.

When you mention people watching the video content, they are more likely to check it out since they feel part of the community.In other words, mentioning friends when encouraging them to like and watch the video makes them feel appreciated which plays a significant role in increasing the scope of the audience.

Develop Personal  Relationship With The Audience

The Facebooks  Mention Feature plays a crucial role in developing a personal relationship with the target audience. When you develop personal relationships with the target audience, they feel appreciated.In the long run, they tend to become your brand ambassadors.

Remember a positive image plays a significant role in winning the trust of the target audience. The more people trust you the more they are likely to share your content with friends.   


If you are struggling to increase reach, it’s high time you leverage the Facebook mention feature. In addition to expanding the scope of the audience, the feature lets you spark engagement which is ideal for growing your audience.

It is important to note that mentioning friends on posts and comments not only plays a significant role in building your Facebook community but also increases the potential of expanding the scope of the audience.

Therefore we encourage you to try out the tricks in this article to build a strong online community and generate more followers for your brand.


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