The development of an iOS application: From the very beginning to today


First of all, your specifications must be written in the most complete way possible, that is, indicating all the objectives, details, technical and functional specificities, design, and ergonomics. Then you can proceed to the development of your application adapted to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. 

The development of a mobile application requires consequential work and solid computer skills, and it is necessary to master computer coding. Using an ios application development service is the best solution to achieve this IT project.

What is iOS?

The mobile operating system designed by the technology company Apple is iOS. This is an operating system for Apple digital devices (i.e. an iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone). The system is based on the hybrid kernel which is called XNU, it is also based on the Cocoa and Unix services as well as the Mach microkernel. But still, the operating system of Apple digital devices includes four layers of abstraction: a layer called Core Services, a layer called Core OS, a layer called Cocoa, and a layer called Media.

Also, the applications that can be downloaded on this iOS OS are accessible directly via the application store, which is called App Store. From July 2017 to December 2017, the App Store had approximately 2.2 million apps, as well as 170 billion app downloads. When deploying an iPhone app, you need to consider this relevant data.

The first version of iOS was called iPhone OS 1 and was released on June 29, 2007. The latest version of iOS is 13.4. In addition, the iOS operating system uses various computer languages:

  • C++, 
  • Objective-C, 
  • C, 
  • Java, 
  • Swift.

As of February 2020, iOS had a 25.89% market share in the portable operating systems sector. The OS ranks 2nd in the operating system market.

What is an IOS application?

The IOS system has specific applications and which are applications intended for the Apple brand and its portable terminals (these are the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). As a result, the app is based on Apple’s OS: iOS. As a result, Apple’s operating system offers mobile apps directly on its online app store, which is called the App Store. Apps used on Apple devices (such as iPod touch and iPhone) have ARM-based architectures.

Owners of the operating system called IOS and iPadOS have the possibility to install a large number of third-party applications via the App Store (Apple’s store). The store has been open since the year 2008 and iPhone users access it in one way. In other words, they can access it from the App Store app.

But also, the development of iPhone and iPad applications have been designed for their adaptation to the iOS software architecture and the iPhone. They are downloaded for free or for a fee on the App Store.

Why develop an iOS app?

There are several reasons why it is essential and necessary to develop an iOS-like application.

The first reason is because of iOS devices are extensively utilized globally. Indeed, Apple’s iOS operating system is clearly the second most popular. This mobile operating system accounts for around 2/10 of the smartphone market. Given that it is one of the greatest laptop operating systems on the market, this information is amazing. As of February 2020, iOS has 25.89% of the mobile operating system market share. It is thus quite appealing to create an iOS application.

Furthermore, if you want to target reasonably wealthy class clients who are Apple’s favored clientele, producing an iOS application is the greatest alternative for you. Indeed, Apple provides sophisticated items with a premium and prestige image. Apple customers are also incredibly devoted to the brand and will purchase any of its items. If you sell an iOS software, you will get advantages by selling it at a fixed price and with in-app purchases.

Creating an application, with the help of a company like Perpet, is also an opportunity to seek for a web firm with development professionals that have extensive experience in this IT industry. They will deliver high-quality digital output to you. As a result, it is critical to get a free and customized quote.

How do I develop an iOS app?

To properly construct your application, you must first create highly detailed specifications that take into account the design, ergonomics, technical factors such as development, functional aspects, references, and so on. Before producing the renowned requirements, it is advisable to hold a conference with your team inside your firm.

Then, it is critical to approach different web businesses and provide them with your specs so that you may describe your need for an iOS app as clearly as possible. Indeed, the best online firm for your digital project must have developers with the essential expertise to match your specifications. The developer(s) will need to be fluent in Apple’s proprietary programming languages, including C++, Objective-C, C, Java, and Swift. In general, these professionals have studied computer science and have extensive expertise in this field.

Furthermore, the agencies you have asked must provide you with a document, such as a specification, that answers your request with a solution proposal for your project of developing an iOS application. Indeed, this document specifies the steps that the web agency will take to build and design your application in the best possible way. In general, the agency creates a template, or a model of an application in the form of drawings, to provide a first view of what your future application will look like.


To summarize, development is the most technical phase in the process of building an application. This phase requires extensive and serious labor because it serves as the foundation for the iOS mobile application. To create a mobile app, you must understand computer codes and be an IT specialist. As a result, it is essential to consult with a web agency since they can provide you with the best solution based on your needs and budget. As a result, it is critical to acquire a free and customized price for the remainder of your job.


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