Revolutionizing Armament: Gaby Peretz’s Designer-Developer Genius Shines in ‘Weaponiser’ Project


In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of talk about the convergence of fashion design and technology. It’s not just aesthetics any more designers are now actively integrating tech into their garments’ production processes. But what about weapons? I’m talking about a very specific type of weapon here: one that contains both cutting-edge technology and an elegant aesthetic. This is exactly what Gaby Peretz’s Weaponiser project aims to do by harnessing digital design tools in order to craft weapons that are both gorgeous and deadly effective.

Gaby Peretz’s Creative Coding Spark

You may not have heard of Gaby Peretz weapon, but you should. She’s a fashion designer who uses her skills in creative coding to make weapons that look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie. She founded Weaponiser, an online platform that allows people to create their own weapon designs with 3D printing technology and then order them as physical objects and she recently won the prestigious Young Designer of the Year award at London Fashion Week for her work on this project!

Gaby studied design at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London before starting her own label when she was only 17. Since then she has worked with some big names in fashion (including Vivienne Westwood), but now she wants to use her talents for something different: helping people access affordable weapons through digital fabrication methods like 3D printing or CNC milling machines. It sounds crazy, but it works!

The Challenges of Weaponising Fashion Design

The challenges of weaponizing fashion design are many. For example, most fashion designers have no training in weapons design. They also don’t know how to integrate weapons systems into their clothing (and vice versa). In fact, they’re very rarely even asked to consider the ergonomics of their designs with regards to functional use as opposed to aesthetic appeal or comfort which is why we see so many ill-fitting jackets and dresses on runways everywhere!

It’s not just that designers aren’t trained in these things; it’s also that they haven’t been exposed to them enough times through their education process so that they can put together an entire strategy for how best to apply these principles when creating new clothes: from conception through prototyping, testing, and production all the way up until final delivery at retail outlets worldwide.”


New Digital Tools Fuel the Design-Development Fusion

Gaby is a designer-developer with a background in fashion design and robotics. She’s well aware of the ethical implications of her work, but she sees it as an opportunity for designers to explore different forms of technology that can help people make better decisions about how they use lethal force.

Gaby has been using cutting-edge technology to create new ways of thinking about lethal tech and she’s not alone. New digital tools are fueling the design-development fusion happening across industries from automotive to healthcare and beyond.

In this way, Peretz Sonko is taking advantage of creative coding (the use of programming languages like JavaScript) as well as 3D modeling software like Maya and SolidWorks to build weapons from scratch; they’re not just replicas or simulations but wholly original creations made possible by new toolsets available today!

Cutting-edge Weapons

In a world where self-driving vehicles are becoming more common, and it’s possible to order pizza from an app on your phone, it only makes sense that we’d want our weapons to be smarter too.

The Weaponiser project aims to do just that: create cutting-edge weapons for the modern battlefield. The project will allow soldiers in combat situations to track enemy targets in real time using augmented reality technology, allowing them to better aim their shots and avoid friendly fire casualties.

This is a new way to approach lethal tech.

The fashion designer-developer fusion is a new way to approach lethal tech. Also, idan peretz senegal is a master of this art, having created cutting-edge weapons that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. She has partnered with the United Nations to revolutionize armament with her Weaponiser project.


Gaby Peretz is an exceptional designer, but her work also shows how designers can play a role in developing the next generation of weapons. In this case, she didn’t just create a new look for guns she brought together design and technology to create something that’s never been seen before.


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