The unique Marcelo Ríos

Marcelo Ríos

While most people in Chile love football, there is an important fraction of the population that also loves tennis. Currently, sports betting in Zambia is possible with, which features lots of tennis competitions.- Marcelo Ríos

Probably the biggest achievement in the history of Chilean tennis was the double gold medal obtained in the 2004 Summer Olympics. However, before the generation of Nicolás Massú and Fernando González, there was another incredible Chilean player. We are talking about the amazing Marcelo Ríos. Right now, sports betting is possible with 1xBet in Zambia, where punters can take advantage of an excellent set of features.

The first Latin American to be the world’s number one

Ríos played professionally between 1994 and 2004. Before he became a professional player, there were many other Latin American players that tried to reach the ATP number 1. However, the Chilean was the first player from that region to achieve the feat. Now 1xBet offers live betting , and it can be used for wagering on the most important tennis championships.

Marcelo Ríos did the unthinkable in 1998, where he reached the number 1 spot of the ATP ranking. He managed to stay in it for a total of six weeks. But that’s not the only important achievement in the Chilean’s career. For example, he was the first player that won the three Masters Series competitions held on clay surfaces. These tournaments were:

  • Monte Carlo;
  • Rome;
  • and Hamburg.

It should be noted that Ríos is the only player that became the number 1 of the ATP ranking without winning a Grand Slam. Currently, the 1xBet platform offers live betting on those major tennis competitions.

Retirement and life after tennis

Unfortunately, Marcelo Ríos suffered from a persistent back injury for most of his career. He tried many methods to try to reduce the symptoms. (lakegenevaadventures) However, there was a moment when those treatments became unsustainable. To wager on the most talented players in the tennis world, it is possible to visit the website.It was because of all these physical problems that Ríos announced his retirement in 2004. However, he continued to be linked to the sport in different manners. For example, he was part of the coaching staff of the Chilean Davis Cup team, which was led by fellow legend Nicolás Massú. The Davis Cup is another exciting championship that can be wagered at the 1xBet website.


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