Vivo z1 pro review and price

vivo z1 pro price

Vivo is a fantastic company that manufactures both smartphones and other phone accessories. The company is new, but its products are top-notch as they tend to compete with big brands in the market. Vivo is a Chinese company and its headquarters being in Dongguan China company. The thing that makes Vivo stand out is the unique design that their smartphones got plus the new technology you only get on their smartphones. 

Vivo released the Vivo Z1 Pro smartphone on July 2019, but the phone is still making waves till today. Most people we hesitant at first picking this gadget as they thought this is just another Chinese brand, but the phone disapproves all that. What I love about the phone is the time spent on designing it, and if you check some of the specs, the phone has you can get a blow.

I think this is one of the phones you can compare to big brands but the price is pocket friendly. The Vivo Z1 Pro price is not that stretching considering the kind of features that you get on the phone, which can serve you well. I did order the phone to try it out to do an authentic review rather than just getting a bunch of info on the internet and compiling it for you. Without future a due I think I will start the Vivo Z1 Pro price and review article.

VIVO Z1 Pro Price

To start this article, I would like to highlight the issue that most people want to know before making any purchase. Knowing a product price is essential as it puts you in a position of determining whether you want to buy the product or not. The price is so vital, and it plays a significant role when it comes to smartphones because so many brands are all producing the same thing for a lower price.

When Vivo announced the release of their smartphone the Vivo Z1 Pro, they did announce the price which I think was pretty fair. The Vivo Z1Pro price is about $250, and you can even now find it at a lower price since more releases have come. What I like about the Vivo Z1 price is the fact that the phone is so affordable to anyone who wants the right product and this phone has crazy features which you will love. I will highlight all the features of the phone in this review, and we can see if the Vivo Z1 Pro price is justifiable.


The first thing that makes Vivo Z1 Pro so unique is the display that this phone has. This is the first thing that can astonish you when you think of the Vivo Z1 Pro price. I bet this is the cheapest phone in the market that you can ever find with the kind of display it entails. The display of Vivo Z1 Pro is about 6.3 inches and it uses IPS LCD display. Some people will argue that the IPS display is not that good as phones with AMOLED which is true but I can’t complain when you consider the Vivo Z1 Pro price.

The display to my view is so clean, and it gives you an excellent viewing experience, especially when it comes to playing games and watching movies. I tried watching some Netflix films, and the immersion I got was incredible. The colors are vibrant when exposed either in outdoors or indoors. The other thing about the display is that you can get a full screen experience by switching it at the settings. Also, the display is protected by the Gorilla Glass 3, which means if your phone slips a bit, it will be protected.


When considering buying a smartphone this day, you must keep in mind how big your battery is. A phone’s battery capacity is integral as our smartphones today have so many applications, and the computing power is high meaning, they are drawing more juice. The Vivo Z1 Pro has a battery capacity of 5000mAh which is so big, and it can take you for a long time while using it.

This is one impressive feature of the phone I did like, and when looking at the Vivo Z1 Pro price, you can get astonished how they offer you that. I found this feature so impressive when it came to gaming as I did spend a long-time playing games on my phone, and the battery was still intact. Also, a big battery is of great advantage as you get to spend more time doing your job if your smartphone is the office before the juice is over. Therefore, when thinking about the possibilities, you can get with a big battery, think about what Vivo Z1 Pro offers you.

Fingerprint Sensor

So many phones coming out these days offer you the fingerprint sensor feature, which is fantastic, but this comes mostly on high-end phones. One thing about the Vivo Z1 Pro is that it has the ultra-fingerprint magnet sensor, which is even better. The sensor is excellent, and it works fast compared to other phone sensors whose response is not that fast.

You see this are some of the few features you get with the fantastic Vivo Z1 Pro price. I love the sensor, and it’s the first thing that I did try out when I got the phone to see how it works, and it worked perfectly. I prefer using a fingerprint sensor when securing my data because this way, you are the unique person who can access it. As much as I did like the ultra-magnetic sensor, I did experience some issues too. The phone kept collecting some dust which meant that I had to continually clean my phone, which is not that fan at all. Either way, it is an excellent feature to have in such a mid-range price smartphone.

Smart AI Button

When I did order this phone, the first thing that did blow my mind is the fact that this phone has a smart AI button at the side. This is no joke as not many phones with a similar Vivo Z1 Pro price have this feature. The smart AI button allows you to perform various kinds of functions easily, which is impressive. The thing about the AI feature is that you can easily customize the functions that you want the button to perform. For example, you can customize the voice to activate the voice assistant or event activate the Google search. Pretty awesome, right. 

Our generation is moving towards a lot in AI, and many people are using voice recognition in their day to day lives to execute a lot of stuff. The AI button can be easily customized meaning depending on the number of times you press it; there is a certain kind of command execution that occurs. There are a lot of voice custom functions that Vivo Z1 Pro offers the users which will ease their use for the phone. These are some of the features that blow my mind when I think about the Vivo Z1 Pro price compared to other phones.


Wow, lets now talk about cameras the part that most people are eagerly waiting to wonder if the Vivo Z1 Pro can match it wits with other brands. To start the phone has three cameras on the back, which is fantastic. The primary camera is a 16MP camera, followed by an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2MP depth sensor. You know what is mindblowing is with the Vivo Z1 Pro price you are still getting an 8MP wide-angle lens which I applause Vivo for that.

The photos from the cameras look good, but they are not rich in details, but they do pack enough not to look bad. The colour rendition of the photos is fine, and they have not saturated therefore, a good balance of colors. The wide-angle lens works just fine, and there are no colour shifts; however, the primary lens has more colour details.

The depth sensor works fine, although it does not offer edge detection in portrait shots. The thing I did like is that it does not smoothen your face while in portrait shots like other phones and subjects look natural. The selfie camera is 32MP which is fantastic; however, it has a reddish tint which tends to give your phone a warmer look.

The other thing that sets the Vivo Z1 Pro apart is the video quality that the cameras produce. The cameras give you the option of recording in 4K, 1080p and 720p. When the recording is in 4K, you get an auto frame rate which is from 24fps to 30fps. The 1080p and 720p feature offer you 60fps and an auto frame rate.


When it comes to a phone processor, it’s crucial that you ensure you have a phone that gives you the capability of doing much at once. The Vivo Z1 Pro is known for its fast processor, which is the Snapdragon 712 which is fast compared to the previous version the Snapdragon 710. When you compare the two CPU side by side, you will note that the 712 has a ten per cent increase in the CPU speed. The phone’s performance is impressive as it’s fast, and there are no glitches or stutters whatsoever. This can blow your mind considering the Vivo Z1 Pro price and the performance you get from the phone. One thing I did notice when playing games is how smooth the experience is as there are no lags.

Operating System

Apart from the processor, you also need to ensure that your phone has an excellent operating system for it to run smoothly. Good software help in ensuring that your order is up to date and there is za excellent communication between the hardware and software. The Vivo Z1 Pro uses the latest Android operating system that is the Android 9 Pie which is incredible. With this operating system, you are sure to receive updates to your phone; thus, a system that is up to date.

Ram And Storage

The last two features that I want to talk about that make the phone epic is the storage and RAM you get if you buy the phone. Firstly, the Vivo Z1 Pro comes with different sizes of this memory. For example, there is a 64GB storage and a 4GB RAM, and there is also a 64GB with a 6GB RAM. If you want more space Vivo Z1 Pro also offers the uses a phone with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. RAM and storage are essential features as they work hand in hand with the operating system and the processor to ensure that your phone is fast.


To conclude, we have discussed the Vivo Z1 Pro price and review, and there are so many things that make the phone amazing. When it comes to smartphones, I think the Vivo company is trying to shape the industry through their designs and employing new technology. I did like the feature of the smart AI button, which I find is very innovative, and there are a few phones with such a feature. There are other impressive features that the Vivo Z1 Pro offers you at a reasonable price which is so unbelievable, and I did enjoy using this phone.

Should I buy a Vivo Z1 Pro in 2020?

When thinking about buying a phone, you must keep in mind the features that the type of phone you are buying has. The Vivo Z1 Pro still offers some of the fantastic features, even some phones in 2020 don’t have. Also, the Vivo Z1 Pro price is friendly, which is another bonus of why7 you should buy it.

What does the smart AI button in Vivo Z1 Pro do?

The smart AI button enables you to perform several commands on your phone like accessing the Google Search. You can also do your customization, which is excellent as you can personalize what you like.

Does Vivo Z1 support fast charging?

Yes. The phone supports fast charging, and the 5000mAh can charge for about 138 minutes, and it will be full.  

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