What Games for iOS to Choose?

Games for iOS

Apple has made iOS a great platform for mobile gaming. Developers follow with thousands of fantastic titles. And instead of tracking news about Forza Horizon or Poppy Playtime iOS release, you may find great native games for your iPhone or iPad. Which games are worth your time? Let’s see how you find the best mobile entertainment.

Instead of Name Dropping 

Finding the best games is not that tricky. We could have gone the easiest way and list some games from the top lists on App Store. But there are many a list like this. And how can we know whether you prefer the Final Fantasy series, Pokémon, card games, arcades, Battle Royale, or racing games? Each of these categories deserves a top games review on its own, and still, many will be left beyond.

Instead, here is a guide on finding better games. We share our experience in searching for greater titles for your iPhone/iPad. Here is where you may go for satisfying mobile games.

Guide Sites with Reviews and Ratings

Why should you sift the gold from the sand when there are professionals doing it for you? On a specialized site, you can find many game and app reviews that will help you figure out which games are worth your attention.

Not only do the critics share what they think of a certain game. Here are lists of pros and cons (which may be decisive), comparisons, recommendations, both curated and given automatically. For example, if you like Fortnite, the system may recommend you PUBG New State (basic as it sounds, but true), and if you’re into strategies, you’ll be offered Ants or Bloons.

The Most Popular?

One of the easiest ways to discover new games for iOS is just tracking the charts. You can do it the following way:

  1.     Launch App Store;
  2.     Go to the Games tab (the second icon in the dock);
  3.     Scroll down to “Top Categories”;
  4.     Choose the category you like (Racing, Action, Casual, Puzzle, Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Trivia, etc.);
  5.     Scroll the category to find the game that catches your eye.

Both in the Games category and in each genre category, there are “Top Free” and “Top Paid” charts. There, you can see the most popular games of every genre and choose among them, because hardly will a really bad game make it to the top. On the other hand, it makes sense to look beyond the Top 10 to discover hidden gems. Your taste is individual. So you may find some less popular games better than recognized hits. Gacha game is also available for ios you can also download the latest version of gacha neon apk.

Games on Apple Arcade

If you don’t mind a moderate monthly payment, you can benefit a lot from subscribing to Apple Arcade. This subscription-based service gives you access to hundreds of premium games, and new ones arrive weekly. There are both exclusives or zero-day releases and classical titles under Arcade. All the games here are completely ad-free, and all the premium content is unlocked.

There are only two issues with Apple Arcade. First, the games there come and go, and there’s no guarantee your favorite will remain there the next month. Second, you pay for lots of content you won’t like (though it’s still a bargain, its price being just $4.99/month. Not much of an issue, but there are alternatives.

Paying Money, Paying Time

There are two more dichotomies when it comes to games. The first one is obvious: free or paid ones? No one wants to spend more money than it takes, especially given how many free games are around. Still, there are differences. Most paid games only require a single payment to remove ads or unlock all the content. With free ones, you will have to put up with advertisements between levels. Or to end up spending even more on microtransactions if you want to keep up with your teammates or to avoid long senseless grinding.

Another question to answer yourself is how much time you are going to spend playing. It influences your choice: if you need a game to fill minutes of waiting and are ready to drop it at any moment, you’ll feel better with casual single-player games. On the other hand, MMO games are more immersive, but they require focuse and dedication. You don’t play these games between your hours: you devote your hours to such a game.

These are the final two factors to consider when choosing your game. We hope this guide was useful to you, and after this, you will find yourself many more great mobile games to play on your iPhone or iPad.

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