What Is a Premises Liability Lawyer?

Premises Liability

Have you recently been injured on someone else’s property? Are you wondering how you can get fair compensation for what you’ve been through? You should make sure that you work with a qualified premises liability lawyer. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Premises Liability Lawyer?

The law is a rich, complex field. Lawyers will usually specialize in one specific area of the law, including premises liability. This type of law refers to the owner of a property’s responsibility to ensure that the property is safely maintained so visitors can avoid injury.

If you were injured on someone else’s property and the injury was due to the property owner’s negligence, then you should consider working with premises liability lawyers in Houston to help you file a legal claim. Your lawyer will represent your case and get you the fair compensation that you deserve.

What Are the Types of Premises Liability Cases?

Slips and Falls

A slip and fall accident is exactly what it sounds like. If there was something on the property that caused you to slip, fall, and injured yourself, and this hazard was not properly marked or fixed, then you have a slip and fall case on your hands.

One example of this is if there was no sign posted that there was liquid on the floor, you fell, and your fall resulted in injury. You might have a viable case.

Inadequate Maintenance

It’s a building owner’s responsibility to make sure that all areas of their property are properly maintained. If they are not, then things can quickly fall into disrepair, and become hazardous. Property owners should be routinely inspecting their property and fixing anything that needs repair.

If they fail to do this, this could result in serious injury. Say, for example, that a staircase has a step coming loose. If this isn’t fixed and you injure yourself because of that loose step, the property owner could be deemed at fault for the injuries you’ve incurred.


Along with other safety elements, one thing that a property owner is responsible for is preventing fires and providing proper fire safety equipment like extinguishers. If you were injured in a fire on someone else’s property and they did not provide proper fire safety, you should be compensated.

Several things could cause fires on a property. Fault or exposed wiring is one example. Malfunctioning electrical outlets are another, as are natural gas leaks. The property owner should be aware of these hazards. If they notice anything that could cause a fire, it’s their job to ensure that it’s fixed immediately. Whatever the reason, if a fire started and you were injured, get in touch with a lawyer right away.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Lawyers Have Extensive Knowledge of the Law

One of the most helpful things that your lawyer will provide you is a thorough understanding of the legal system. Lawyers spend years studying and understanding the law so they can provide people like you with fair and accurate legal representation.

As a layperson, you may not have the necessary knowledge or training to ensure that your case is a success. This is why you should always work with a qualified lawyer if you have been injured on someone else’s property.

You’ll Get a Fair Settlement

When you first bring your case to your lawyer, they will be able to give you a better idea of what you can expect from the legal process. One of the things you’ll discuss is what sort of settlement you should expect to get.

If you are offered something by the other party that you don’t believe to be fair, your lawyer will help you fight for something that is. Set yourself up for success and get the compensation you deserve for your injury when you hire a qualified lawyer to support you.

They’ll Help You Gather Evidence

As the plaintiff in your case, the burden of proof is upon you. That means that it’s your job to gather the evidence to prove not only that you were injured because of your accident, but that the accident was caused by the negligence or carelessness of the property owner.

It can be difficult to understand what types of evidence need to be gathered and how you can gather them. That’s where your lawyer comes in. A good lawyer will help you get everything you need to support your case and keep it organized to present to the court.

Injuring yourself can be incredibly traumatic to deal with. If you were injured on someone else’s property and it was due to their negligence, you should be fairly compensated for your subsequent damages. Your lawyer will be there for you throughout every step of the process and get you the justice you deserve.

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