The Ultimate Guide to Carding: How it Works and Its Prevention Methods


Have you ever imagined yourself involved in any carding activities? If yes, how did you think the other person would feel if you did so? Carding is a credit card fraud, where the stolen card is used to purchase gift cards. The thieves involved with such activities are known as carders. You might be wondering how this normally happens without them being noticed. The carders normally shop on websites connected to the atshop io shopshence, itis difficult to be caught as they ally with people from such shopping centres. 

  • The process of carding

The process normally starts with the hacker gaining access to the website’s credit system processing system, and the hacker has the list of credit cards used to make purchases recently. Every system normally has the security software technology used to protect the credit account cards, but the hacker uses this to exploit the card. Another way they can use it is by getting the owner’s personal information, and they gain access to the bank account without the owner noticing it. After the hacker has the list of the debit and credit card numbers, the hacker sells this information to a third party who uses the stolen information to purchase gift cards. 

You must be wondering if your credit card is safer; you should know that most credit card companies give cardholders protection from charges made if the card is reported stolen, but by the time they are cancelling it, the card has already made the purchase. However, gift cards normally purchase high-value goods such as cell phones, computers, televisions, etc. If the carder purchases the gift card from an electronic retailer, they would use a third party to receive the goods and then ship them to another location so they cannot be traced. The best way to prevent this is by protecting your personal information, especially by linking your accounts to your online apps where it can easily be traced. 

  • How companies try preventing the carding fraud

The worst experience for a company is when they keep getting the same customer complaints daily, as this might tarnish their business. As a result, companies are trying harder to prevent these cases. Companies are implementing different techniques to be ahead of the carders. The companies use the address verification system, IP geolocation check, card verification value, multifactor authentication, velocity checks, CAPTCHA, and many more. After using some of these, the companies receive a positive customer response. 

Some examples of carding include information resale, money laundering, and the bottom line. Carding is one of your worst experiences, especially if you depend on one bank account. What can be your first step if you realize that your account information is being used to purchase items? Apart from keeping most of your personal information private, alliances with credit card companies protect their customers. However, another way to be safe is to have accounts through websites such as atshop io shops so that once a carder purchases an item using your card, you get an alert, especially during payment. Once you get the alert, you can decline the transaction, and by the time the carders give it another try, your card is already blocked. Technological advancement is the best, but it gives rise to a lot of cybersecurity, and that’s why you must always be careful. 



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