A Guide to Crushing Crypto Poker


Online poker has been a pastime for not just Americans but the entire world for well over two decades. The game has gone through regulation battles, licensing issues, and legal fights, crushing the player pool and limiting who can play online poker. 

Now, if you want to play, you have to be in certain jurisdictions or regions. There was a time when no matter where you were, you could play with anybody else in the world. In online gaming developments, you can now play poker with Bitcoin or even play casino games with Bitcoin Cash, showing the developments in the crypto gaming space. The digital currency dynamics and technological advancements of blockchain, Web3, and more are taking online poker to a whole new stratosphere. The online player pool will be richer, fuller, and more balanced, and the entire user experience of playing online poker will be enriched. 

This handy guide we have put together should help you navigate the world of digital poker, ensuring you can find the best games and crush the crypto poker games. 

The Evolution from Online Poker to Crypto Poker

The online poker world was strong right up until a day called Black Friday in 2011 when the online poker world hit a brick wall. The collapse of an online poker giant and the misappropriation of player funds led to governments having to restrict and regulate online poker all over the world. With the rise of cryptocurrency and the technologies around this, a new form of poker is emerging.

Crypto poker combines the dynamism and thrills of online poker with the technological power and freedoms of crypto. Players can now raise, call and go all-in using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, and be in complete control of the game. 

Why You Should Play Crypto Poker

We’ve put down some of the best reasons for you to get involved in crypto poker today:

Quick and Easy Transactions: Crypto is becoming notable for how speedy and painless the transactions are. Moving money around is critical in online poker, and crypto elevates this process. 

Smaller Fees: Traditional online poker platforms often charge hefty fees when you deposit, but through crypto, these are negated to close to zero. 

Better Security: The security and integrity of online poker are huge talking points right now. Blockchain technology is infallible and underpins crypto. This would ensure crypto poker players are safe and secure. 

Global Poker: Crypto is decentralized, meaning players from anywhere can play with each other without the need for annoying regulations by different governments.

How Can You Crush The Crypto Poker Tables?

Knowing why you should play crypto poker is a lot different from knowing how you can win. We’ve put together some key strategies you can employ in digital poker games and ensure you have some key building blocks in your fundamental poker game:

Pick Your Game Wisely: Each crypto poker site has its own identity, player pools, and games running. Some sites might have unique poker variants running, others might be great for games like Pot-Limit Omaha but not so good for traditional Texas Hold’em. 

Stay on Crypto Trends: The value of different cryptos can fluctuate heavily during turbulent times in the market. Ensure you are always in tune with the market and valuations of your crypto.

Create a Crypto Bankroll: A big error for new poker players is not having money set aside for poker. By having a crypto specifically for poker, you can track your wins and losses and only risk money you can afford to lose. 

Continuous Learning: Poker is all about learning and solving things. Crypto poker is no different. Engage with forums online, watch strategy content, and always keep an open mind to getting better. 

What’s Next for Crypto Poker?

We are just seeing the start of the fusion between poker and cryptocurrencies. As more and more players see the blend of technology, security, freedom, and the game they love, we only expect player demand to grow for crypto poker. The innovations that you can do through Web3, blockchain, and more for the gameplay of crypto poker are on a whole new level, as are the security measures and acceptance of players. 

The battle for online poker to get regulation across the USA and Asia is barely moving, and the cost is coming at the players. The longer the wait, the more value is missed for players who are trying to play the game they love from the comfort of their own homes. Crypto poker is a poker platform that can bring the glory days of online poker back with the technology of the present.

Back between 2005 and 2010, the money in online poker was huge, there were prize pools that represented huge value, cash games that were clearly beatable, and the games were more enjoyable for all. The way crypto poker can make the game more global and secure should not be overlooked. If the trends stay the same, we could see online poker enter a new golden age, where it becomes crypto poker and embraces everything that the technology stands for.



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