Best Free Video Editing Apps for iOS


Are you a creative person or video content creator, someone who enjoys creating and editing videos? If yes, you must have at least one video editing app on your iOS phone.

Having such an app simplifies your job, you can create and edit a new video, or polish the existing ones at any time. While traveling, during leisure hours and office commute, and basically any moment when you feel a creative spark.

This article will introduce you to the best free video editing software for iOS users in 2023. 

Best Free Video Editing Apps for iOS

The following video editing apps are the best in terms of features and performance:


Quik makes awesome edits easy. You don’t need to be a tech geek to use it. All you need is basic knowledge of video editing and some creative talent to add some fun to your videos.

One of the notable things about Quik is it uses AI to detect colors and faces to enhance the quality of every frame. Quick lets you create HD 1080p or 720p videos in various formats including cinema, square or portrait, or social sharing.

Moreover, you can add transitions and effects to hundreds of photos and video clips stored on your iOS phone. As a reputable company offering iOS app development in Dubai, we can tell you an app like Quik is worth using.


Another great video editing app for iOS users is iMovie. It offers a wide range of powerful features such as eight different themes, ten different filters, and different sounds from the music library.

Though the interface can be a bit overwhelming, once you start using the app you will get accustomed to it. And once you have developed an understanding of its features, you will be able to make Hollywood-style movie trailers with included graphics and scores.

This app lets you save and share movies in 4K or 1080p at 60FPS, which is great quality considering that you edited everything from your phone.

3.Movavi Clips

Movavi is another exciting and free video editing app for iOS users. The app lets you create phenomenal videos on your phone without spending much time or acquiring technical expertise.

You have the freedom to cut and merge various clips stored in your phone, modify the speed of those, create narrations, trim music, insert transitions, and a lot more which will improve the quality of your videos.

Despite being free, there are no ads in Movavi Clips.


Next on this list is Magisto. Another great video editing app for iOS users which lets you edit and share videos with your friends and family members online. Downloaded by millions of users to this date, Magisto lets you add songs and effects in a few minutes.

What makes this app a bit unique from the rest is it has built-in themes that assist in video creation from scratch — not just basic videos but awesome videos perfect for any kind of use.

The best bit is, resources for different industries are highlighted separately so you can access the right themes straightaway.


And when we are talking about the best video editing apps, how can we miss the popular FilmoraGo video editing software? This app empowers you by giving you a plethora of video editing features so you can showcase your creativity.

You can create duplicates of a video, trim a video, add sound to it, use filters, apply text overlays, add multiple layers of effects to a single video and do much more to spice up the video content.

You can also use the app to record a video with both the front and rear camera — a pretty rare and useful feature to have for video editing.


Just like iPhone app development, video editing software designed for Apple and iPad users is also in demand. VITA is one of those video editing apps that every iOS user can use with ease and clarity.

There is a wide range of pre-made templates available to get started. Depending on your objective, you can select the best available category and get started right away.

Some other notable features of this app include video motion control, speed changes, filters for color grading, and overlay videos with picture-in-picture.

7.Perfect Video

Last but not least, Perfect Video is another great iOS app that lets you edit videos on your phone from anywhere in the world. You can create videos in up to 1920×1080 FullHD as well as amazing presentations using slideshow creator.

And like most of the apps mentioned here, it lets you share your work on social media platforms to showcase your video editing skills. Also, you can cut and merge videos, add effects to them, including text, and do much more to make them engaging!


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