Best Photo Editing App for Android: A Comprehensive Guide

best photo editing app for android

Best Photo Editing App For Android is a title that can be hard to find! Photo editing is a process where you can enhance or modify the look of your photos.

When it comes to taking pictures, there are many different types of editing apps for Android available.

There are different types of photo editing that you can do, such as color correction and noise removal. However, which one should you download?

To answer this question, we have created a comprehensive guide on Best Photo Editing Apps for Android.

What is a photo editing app?

A photo editing app is an application that allows you to edit and enhance your photos.

These apps give you access to a suite of tools such as adding text, changing the color, cropping and rotating, etc.

There are many different types of photo editing apps available for download on both android and iOS devices.

What are some features that Best Photo Editing Apps offer? 

Best Photo Editing Apps offer many useful tools, including cropping, rotating, filters, and other effects.

These apps also give you access to a suite of tools such as adding text, changing the color, etc.

Best photo editing apps offer free pre-sets which are already installed in their system for users to use. For example, Snapseed offers more than 200 pre-sets, according to TechRadar.

Not only Best Photo Editing Apps offer free pre-sets. They also have a wide range of photo editing tools. That you can use for your photos or even other people’s images

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android 

There are many photo editing apps for Android, but what is the best photo editing app?

A good place to start looking at all of these different options is by looking at some of the top-rated apps on Google Play.

These five apps have been ranked as some of the best and most popular: 

  • PicsArt Photo and Video Editor.
  • Snapseed,
  • Photo Lab Picture Editor and Art
  • Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor
  • VSCO: Photo and Video Editor with Effects and Filters

There are hundreds of apps in the Google Play Store. If you want to see more, you can check them out yourself! All you need is your device and access to an internet connection.

Adobe Photoshop Camera (Android, iOS)

Adobe Photoshop Camera (Android, iOS) is an app that allows you to take photos and edit them on your phone.

You can make your pictures look like paintings or even drawings with this app! The Adobe Creative Cloud has over 15 million apps available for people.

This app is included in the creative cloud. The camera includes many different options such as cropping, adding filters, stickers, text, and much more! 

VSCO Android iOS

Android and iOS are two of the most popular operating systems for smartphones.

It has over 2 billion active users with thousands of phone models to choose from. iOS is an Apple product that can only be used on Apple products like iPhones and iPads.

It has 1 billion active users, but there are fewer devices to choose from than Android phones.

VSCO is a photo editing app that helps you take better pictures using filters and other tools to enhance your images.

Snapseed (Android, iOS) 

Nik Software created Snapseed, and Google bought them out.


Snapseed has over 100 different filters that are available for users to use with their images. You can paint and draw on your images with this app as well!

This is another great editing tool for those who want to use it on android and iOS devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Android, iOS) 

The Adobe Photoshop Express is another great photo editing tool that you can use on both android and iOS devices.

This app allows users to enhance their images, fix lighting problems, add stickers to photos, etc. It also has other tools like red-eye reduction and blemish removal! With the help of the Photoshop Express editor, you can resize and compress your images without spending much time. Another advantage of this app is that it has a streamlined interface and supports layer editing.

Photo Lab Picture Editor (Android) 

Photo Lab Picture Editor is a free app that is available for Android devices only. There are over 100 filters to choose from in this app.

But it doesn’t have any other tools like adding stickers or text. This editing tool is perfect if you want a lot of different filters to use on your images without spending money!

Adobe Photoshop Touch (Android) 

The Adobe Photoshop Touch is another great editing tool that you can use on your Android device.

It has over 100 different filters and tools for users to play around with their images! This photo editing app also allows people to access Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

So they can upload the photos from this specific app into other programs like Lightroom or Illustrator if they already have an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Adobe Lightroom (Android, iOS)

Do you love photography? Do you want to edit your photos in a fast and easy way on the go? Then this is the perfect app for you!

This app offers tons of features, including editing pictures with filters, effects, and more.


You can also use Adobe Lightroom’s perspective correction tool to straighten up any crooked or tilted images.

With all these amazing features, it will be hard not to fall in love with this app! 

Google Photos (Android, iOS)

Google Photos (Android, iOS) is a free photo and video app that you can edit your photos.

It also has many filters you can apply to photos to give them a unique look! You must pay $3 with an in-app purchase to InPixio remove background the watermark from the photo after it’s been edited, but this is still a great deal considering all of the options it offers.

Google Photos

You can use this app to create albums, videos, collages, and more. The best thing about this app is its ability to organize your photos into moments with places automatically, people, and things in them like pets, food, or landmarks! 

Instagram (Android, iOS)

It is one of the most popular photo editing apps out there! If you want to edit your photos, then look no further.

Instagram has over 500 million active users, and this number is constantly growing. This app allows users to add filters, effects, etc., make collages with other pictures or videos, and apply stickers like text or drawings.

The “Insta” logo is the original filter created by this app, but there are tons of other filters to choose from too!

PicsArt (Android, iOS)

PicsArt is an app for your phone that lets you make drawings, collages, and other cool things.

You can share them with friends on social media or send them to someone in a text message.

It’s pretty simple: open the app and follow these steps: 

1) Tap “Open” at the top of your screen. This will let you choose between different projects that are already saved on your device.

2) Choose one by tapping it.

3) Once the project loads into PicsArt, tap “Select Tool.”

4) Tap any drawing tool (Pencil, Spray Paint, etc.), then tap and hold your finger on the screen.

This will let you move around and resize what you’re drawing! Try it out now with this photo I selected:

Let’s try another project now: collages! 

When we open PicsArt, we can tap “Collage” at the bottom of our screen to choose a different type of project.

We’ll try making a collage with the “Fit” option, which will make your picture fit inside of another one!

After choosing this project type, please select an image from your device by tapping it in the bottom right corner.

Then move and resize if needed: when you’re finished, tap “Apply,” then “Finish” at the top right corner of your screen.

PicsArt is a great app that you can use to edit photos and create collages on your phone! You can also doodle or paint with this tool if it’s something that interests you.

The best part is, Pics Art has both free and paid filters, stickers, and other features so that you can use them all for free!

Facetune 2 (Android, iOS)

Facetune 2 is an app that can use for altering selfies on your phone. The app has a variety of features and tools, such as teeth whitening and skin smoothing.

It also has many filters you can apply to photos to give them a unique look! You must pay $3 with an in-app purchase to InPixio remove background the watermark from the photo after it’s been edited, but this is still a great deal considering all of the options it offers.

It would be especially useful if you’re going somewhere special or want to capture a moment, so you don’t forget what you were wearing or how your makeup looked! 

Prisma (Android, iOS)

Have you ever wanted to turn your boring photos into beautiful works of art? Prisma is an app that can do just that!

With this simple-to-use app, you can transform any photo into a work of art in seconds.

It’s easy and fun! If you want to give it a try, here are the links for Android and iOS. Enjoy!

Afterlight (Android, iOS)

Another Best Photo Editing App For Android is Afterlight. Afterlight is the most popular photography app for both Android and iOS users. It’s easy to use, has many features that are perfect for beginners, and it’s fun! 

What is Afterlight? Afterlight is an iPhone or Android application that lets you apply effects to your photos.

You can edit light exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation (amount of color), shadows/highlights (darker areas on photo), temperature (cooler or warmer colors), hue (colors), and more with filters like vintage film.

Many fonts are available in different styles, like script font, which looks professional but not too formal.

Users can share their edited photos with friends on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Afterlight has become so popular because it’s fun and easy to use! The best part is that there are many free options available in the app itself without paying for anything extra.

This way, you can experiment with different filters to find out which one fits your needs best.

Are there any drawbacks or limitations with these apps that users should be aware of before downloading them? 

Yes, there are some. For example, Best Photo Editing App for Android requires an internet connection to download the app and work with its features.

Some of these apps also require special permissions that can be intrusive to users who want more privacy while using their devices. 

Before you download an app, read the terms of service. You should also see the privacy policy and permissions. You can do this easily by going to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Now that you know all about the Best Photo editing app for Android, it’s time to try these apps out yourself!

There are many tools and filters for users to use with their images, but not everyone knows which ones are the best or most popular.

With this guide, you’ll know what Best Photo editing apps for Android are out there and how to use them!

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