Best Place to Buy Cigars Online – Choose from Top Websites for Cigars

Best place to buy cigars online

Many films and series feature the cigar, often presenting it in English salons, savored on a good Chesterfield armchair in padded leather. With one hand, you can proudly hold the cigar between your fingers. Indeed, smoking a cigar is quite a ceremony. Lovers and connoisseurs roll them under their fingers, smell them, savor them. However, nowadays a bunch of online sites are capable of introducing you to the grand quality cigar. So, today we will talk about the best place to buy cigars online.

Cigars, tobaccos, or Cubanos are tubular packages of fermented and dried tobacco rolled without paper. But instead, the three sections of the tobacco plant leaf are used for the entire structure of the cigars. It is native to America and has spread throughout the world.

To make the most of this moment of pleasure and relaxation, discover the different types of cigars on the market. Find the one that suits you best and learn how to choose the quality cigars from online cigar store.

Best Place to Buy Cigars Online

Before choosing cigars, you will indeed wonder which online store is qualitiful. Also, where to do it so that their flavor preserves and they are of quality. Many online shops have bad reviews that they don’t deliver their product on time. So, you have to be selective. The best options to select quality brands cigars without leaving home are those online sites who have been in business for years and maintain the originality of their products. Some of these would be:

1. Thompson Cigar

Thompson Cigar is a specialist in cigars. Here you can find all the wide variety of cigars that exist in the market. You can also get here the most popular brand Chiba and Arturo Fuente. In addition, you can buy an excellent humidor for cigars that allows you to keep the cigars safely to enjoy them in perfect condition.

2. Famous Smoke

Famous smoke is one of the best-selling online sites for cigar due to their best price range. They have huge selection of multiple brand cigar. Also, they have excellent service as their customer says. They offers you discount when you buy more cigars from their website.

3. Gotham Cigar

Gotham Cigar, the sales site par excellence, also offers options to buy cigars, search.And we can see a large number of presentations of various models to choose the one we like the most.

How to choose a grand quality cigar?

To best choose the type of cigar that suits you, it is interesting to know the different criteria that can guide your choice for best place to buy cigars online.

First of all, you have to know what intensity interests you. Depending on the size of the module, the density of tobacco will vary. The larger the module, the greater the tightening. If you want a gripping smoke, go for fine cigars. The power of the cigar also depends on the level of nicotine present in it. The color of the leaves does not influence this criterion. Only the taste and aesthetics will vary slightly.

The aromas may depend on the origin of the product. Indeed, Cubans are known to be very fine while being complex. Those from Honduras and Nicaragua will be spicy and full-bodied. The tobacco produced in the Dominican Republic has the advantage of being sweet. Ideal for lovers of light cigars in the mouth.

The tasting time will also not be the same. Corona, for example, can be smoked in 30 minutes, perfect for a break with friends. For more extended moments of relaxation, you should turn to Churchill-type modules.

In any case, it will always give you more security to follow these tips to choose the best place to buy cigars online.

Choose a good supplier

He will be one of the most critical professionals in your life. He will advise you, inform you of new brands and products, make special orders, keep his stock of cigars in his cellar, etc. To choose it, ask yourself questions: how do you store your cigars? Is he a good talker? Do you dedicate part of your time to it?

To start, we suggest you try a Habano; What brand and vital to try ?: your usual supplier will guide you. We opted for corona and the petit corona (both ring gauge 42 and lengths 142 and 129, respectively). Would you please choose one of them and taste its flavor on different brands?


The next step is the flavor (mild or strong): if you smoke more than one Habano a day, they should have a similar taste or increase it throughout the day. Never smoke a mild cigar after a stronger flavored one, as you will not be able to appreciate it.


The flavor of a Habano intensifies as you can smoke it. Its strength often not perceive until it is in the middle. So you should select the length of your cigar according to the time you have to smoke. Heavy gauge cigars burn slower and tend to taste milder than fine ones.


The color of the layers can vary from one Habanos box to another. From ripe to light; Those who believe that dark-layered cigars have a more robust flavor are not right. It is the binding of the leaves that make up the casing that dictates the taste. If anything, the dark layers are sweeter on the palate compared to the light ones.

The shape of cigars is basically of two types: aparejos (straight) and figurados (irregular). Keep an eye out for the characters on the cape – a worm kills any candidate. The color should be homogeneous, without spots, but the solar ones would be valid.

Although the cigar should not have excessive filaments, those of the leaves are characteristic and indicators of its origin. For example, the Cameroon layer produces a scratchy sensation to the touch and has more filaments than the Connecticut layer, whose texture is smoother.

A coating whose sheen is oily indicates that it has been well cured and moistened; under a humidity of 70%, the tobacco secretes the oil and acquires a silky texture. A dry, brittle or cracked cigar in the coat is unacceptable.


The texture of a cigar is also essential: you must hold it delicately (by the foot, so as not to damage the knob) and check that it does not have any hard or soft part (which would show the imperfect elaboration of the casing, which would affect the shot).


The weight can reveal whether the twist is tight or loose and whether the pull will be more or less accessible.

What types of cigars are there today?

There are many cigars on the international markets. To distinguish them, it is possible to classify them according to different criteria.

First of all, there are large families of modules. This term refers to the format of the cigar and takes into account the size, diameter, shape, and weight:

Panetela: Whether classic and Gran, these models are slim and, therefore, quick to smoke. Their size varies between 110 and 120 mm, with a ring of 26.

Corona: A big thanks to its low tasting time (30 minutes) and size accessible to all (between 140 and 150 mm). In this family, we will also find the Little Corona, also called Mareva. It has a small size, about 129 mm. The Gran Corona is longer, with a ring greater than 44.

Churchill: Complex, the Churchill module is intended for initiates wishing to take full advantage of this moment of relaxation. It measures 178 mm, for a ring of 47, and you can smoke in 1h / 1h30.

Robusto: With intense and powerful aromas, this module can usually smoke in 45 minutes. Its length is 124 mm, with a ring of 50.

Belicoso: Originally from Spain, it measures 140 mm and has a 52 ring. Its main characteristic is its pyramidal end. Belicoso lovers can savor it for around 1 hour.

Piramides: Its pointed shape, like a shell head, sets it apart from other cigars. Usually, 152 mm long and with a ring of 52, its taste is robust.

The prices of the Cigar

The answer depends on your pocket, but the usual thing is that you want to get that one cigarette. In this case, the flask (a pack of five units) is an excellent opportunity to purchase several cigars at a better price; Boxes of 20 or 25 units: scrutinize the box to make sure that all cigars are of the same color, a sample of the manufacturer’s precision.

In some cases, the name of the cigar indicates the case in which it is stored. For example, an 8-9-8 takes the name of the distribution method of cigars in three rows. The term Amethyst refers to the glass container with 50 units. There are also individual tubes packaged in airtight aluminum, glass, or wooden boxes.

FAQ on Best Place to Buy Cigars Online

What does it mean to dream that I smoke a cigar?

The pure or simply pure cigar is a tightly rolled package of dried and fermented tobacco, bundled without paper where the leaf for its elaboration comes from the same place or country.

How to pull the cigar?

The cigar must be kept in a 90º position (degrees) concerning the flame and suck in little by little, so the love reaches the cigar and remains perfectly lit. The thicker the cigar, the longer the ignition time is required.

How do you smoke, swallow smoke?

A typical discussion among smokers is whether or not to swallow cigarette smoke. Although the procession goes through neighborhoods, there is consensus among specialists that it is better not to inhale the smoke to the lungs.


All the fans have approached our first cigars with a nervousness similar to that of other “first experiences”; It is unclear what to ask, how to choose a cigar, what brands to order, etc. Don’t worry, don’t panic: there is no chance of making mistakes when choosing a cigar, it’s a matter of taste, and also, good cigar sellers are always willing to take the time to advise beginners.

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