Best 5 Feature Phones With Long Lasting Battery To Buy In Nigeria

    Feature phone prices in Nigeria

    Recently, feature phones have been equipped with some interesting features that even some smartphones lack, which has made them the most preferred phones by users. On a daily basis, thousands of these basic feature phones are being sold throughout Nigeria to both the rich and the poor. Most users have several reasons for buying those phones, from cheap price, durability, to good battery capacity. But in this post, I will be focusing on those with a long-lasting battery. Before we go over the best 5 feature phones with powerful battery capacities, let’s explain in simple terms, what I mean by feature phones.

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    Feature phones are those basic phones that lack advanced features that are seen in smartphones. They come with basic features such as call making, receiving calls, FM radio, with some having television and power bank features. These phones are the perfect choice for those looking for a back-up phone for their smartphones. Having gotten a clear picture of the kind of phones we are talking about, let’s see the best 5 feature phones with a long-lasting battery you can buy and use here in Nigeria.
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    Bontel Tv king feature phone with long lasting battery

    When it comes to basic feature phones with mad battery capacity, give it up for this beast called Bontel TV King. Though Bontel mobile phones are not a household name when it comes to popular mobile phone brands in Nigeria, but the brand has some solid high-quality phones in their closet that can compete head-to-head with other popular brands like Itel, Infinix, Tecno, etc, in Nigeria.  As the name implies, the phone comes with Television functionality for watching your favorite local TV channels on the go. In addition to the television functionality, the phone packs 10,000mah power bank battery that can charge other phones. This is a perfect choice for artisans, engineers, and travelers looking for a phone that can last for a very long time and days. Bontel TV King’s price is at N7,500-N8,000 in Nigeria. Check the key features below.

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    Bontel Music King feature phone

    Just when I thought I have seen it all in Bontel TV King feature phone, Bontel Mobile released another crazy feature phone with so many added features. Bontel Music King is the real deal when it comes to basic feature phones with a long-lasting battery. The Music King is a high standard quality feature phone with amazing features that give you more value for your money. The phone comes with a monster 15,000mah battery capacity with 60 days Standby Time. It hosts 4 SIM cards with mosquito repellent light to make sure mosquitoes never disturb you again. Lol! The price stands at N9,700
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    Tecno T528 feature phone

    Another powerful feature phone in our long list with big battery is Tecno T528. This is one of the best feature phones produced by Tecno Mobile in recent times with many units sold on a daily basis. The Tecno T528 feature phone comes with an amazing 2500mah battery to ensure you don’t run out of power that easily. The phone features Dual SIM, Camera, FM Radio, and provides strong signals. The price in Nigeria is tagged at N8,000. See the key features below.

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    Just like Tecno T528, T466 is another great feature phone from Tecno with great design and a long-lasting battery to buy in Nigeria.
    Tecno T466 feature phone
    Actually, this phone is my favorite and comes with a 2500mah battery for longer call time and entertainment. It comes with four fluorescent flashlights to brighten up your night and it’s Java-enabled. Picking one of these phones as your back-up phone or main phone wouldn’t be a bad idea. The price stands at N6,500 in Nigeria.

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    5: ITEL it5606 FEATURE PHONE

    itel it5606 feature phone

    Itel Mobile is known for producing budget-friendly phones, and most of those phones come with a super-long lasting battery. Itel it5606 is a cool choice when you are searching for a feature phone to buy in Nigeria at a very cheap price. This feature phone comes with an amazing 2,500mah battery and a  powerful flashlight. Although, the design is not so catchy like the rest, but still a great phone to buy at a price tag of N4,000.

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    So, among these best 5 feature phones, which one will you go for?

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