Different Types Of Samsung A10 Smart Phone Cases


When buying a new Samsung smartphone, such as the Samsung A10, one cannot neglect high-quality protection against scratches, bumps, anddamage. A fall, even from a small height can lead to expensive repairs. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a protective case from a wide range of Samsung branded accessories.

Why Only Original Accessories?

After looking at the prices of branded Samsung Cell Phone Case A10 smartphone, many will wonder if it is more profitable to buy some Chinese craft for a couple of dollars than to pay tens of dollars for an original accessory. But the benefit of such an “alternative” is doubtful. Branded covers are produced in strict accordance with the dimensions and design features of the company’s smartphones, which guarantees ease of use and reliable protection. It will not come off or open at the wrong moment, it will not interfere with pressing the buttons and shooting on the camera.


Original accessories are made only from high-quality materials, so they look stylish and last a long time. During this time, the user needs to change several Chinese covers because after some days they will be become useless. Below we have shared original Samsung A10 cases that you choose from.

  • Clear Cover (Samsung A10)

The transparent Clear Cover is made of durable polyurethane, does not weigh down the smartphone, does not increase its dimensions and does not hide the design and color of the back panel. At the same time, it reliably protects the device from scratches and damage, does not slip in the hands and on various surfaces. Also important is the fact that Clear Cover is the most affordable case in the line of branded accessories for Galaxy A10 series smartphones.

  • Clear Protective Cover (Samsung A10)

A version of the Clear Cover with even more protection thanks to the anti-slip tread on the edges. The protector not only provides a secure grip on the phone and protection from scratches, but also absorbs impact when dropped. The Clear Protective Cover is made of transparent polyurethane so the design and color of the back of the Samsung A10 can be seen through.

  • Clear Standing Cover (Samsung A10)

Another model from the line of transparent cases-overlays for Samsung A10. Its distinguishing feature is the fold-down stand, which allows you to fix the phone at a convenient angle for watching a movie or video chatting. The cover is made of transparent material, so it is suitable for users who want to see the original design and color of their device. In addition, Clear Standing Cover is a reliable protection for your smartphone from scratches, even if you carry it in your pocket with other items.

  • Protective Standing Cover (Samsung A10)

Lightweight but very durable opaque impact-resistant polycarbonate cover protects the Samsung A10 back panel from any troubles – scratches, abrasions, accidental bumps. A key feature of the design of the Protective Standing Cover is two reclining legs of different lengths at the back. They serve as a stand, fixing the phone at different angles on the table. This is convenient for watching movies, video chatting and working with documents.

  • Silicone Cover (Samsung A10)

The outer coating of the Silicone Cover has an anti-slip effect, so an expensive phone will never fall out even from wet hands and will not slip off any inclined surface. The inside of the case is finished with a soft material, which prevents even the smallest scratches from appearing on the Samsung A10 case. Silicone Cover fits securely and almost does not increase the dimensions of the device. It not only protects, but also pleases the owner with a bright design. There are four colors to choose from – black, light grey, pink and purple.


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