Features of the male den: definition and components


Definition with terms

A man’s lair is a place dedicated exclusively to one person. It does not have to be masculine; a woman can also live in a lair. The purpose of the lair is to give this inhabitant an opportunity to retire from family and official duties. For example, instead of going far into nature, crossing the threshold of a man’s lair, it should be possible to quickly abstract from the outside world without leaving the city anywhere.

In interior design, the definition of a man’s lair means both a house and only a separate room furnished in a brutal style. The peculiarity of the open space, with a minimum of partitions.

  • Surfaces – wood, glass, concrete, iron, and brick.
  • Shelves can be placed along the walls to support the weight of a motorcycle engine.
  • Furniture – from pallets, covered with coarse textiles, or from high-tech materials: stainless steel, kevlar, metal ceramics.
  • As a decoration on the walls, you can use a section of a millennium oak or a superman shield.

Former military buy veteran flags, and with this help, they personify their home. How to achieve the maximum effect — a man’s personalization and abstraction – when building a male lair, read more about this below in detail the expert opinion of a consultant from an online store of military items GalaXate.

The lair is the perfect home for a bachelor

From the point of view of sociology, a man’s lair is an affirmation, the inhabitant of which declares to the whole world – I am a lone wolf, and I want to remain so! At least for as long as I’m in this room. For family members, this means leaving me alone; for friends, welcome; and for a psychologist, no clients.

To build a male lair in which the inhabitant of this can achieve psychological comfort, this premise must have everything that reflects his current interests – read, his inner world: sports, travel, culinary and drink preferences, as well as his past achievements and merits – awards, trophies, and life experience (in photos).

Another component of the comfort of the male abode is accessibility. Contrary to the stereotype of a male lair, it still has to be modern: all functional and moving parts can be integrated into an intelligent home system. This allows you to make coffee remotely, boil eggs, heat water for the shower, and vacuum the floor while still on the way home. The task of the smart system of the men’s den is to automate and robotize any processes, and to make the fixed parts accessible at arm’s length. For this purpose, a beer refrigerator can be equipped with computerized and motorized wheels. Beer drinking scenarios – the fridge is called by the remote control.

Combination of incongruous

1.Wardrobe or men’s lair.

The problem is to convince other family members that you need a den. Get ready for negotiations and compromises. Having taken one room for your lair, you may have to give up another for a gym for children, a movie theater, or a wardrobe for your wife.


To avoid conflict with the neighbors, figure out how to protect them from the sounds coming from your den while watching a hockey game. For example, use noise reduction tools.


You can choose from garden and bar furniture made of rough wood and wrought iron or high-tech – smooth, and even surfaces in a minimalist style. In the male lair, there must be one item that stands out from the general background. For example, against the backdrop of gray walls, a single-color photograph can be seen.

The color design of the men’s den raises minor questions – it should be natural colors and natural textures. If you still have to paint something, you have fifty shades of gray to pick from. But with one exception, there should be one bright spot on a gray background – a rug, a pillow, or a picture on the wall.

4.The number of items.

Although the lair needs to contain everything necessary for an autonomous life for at least a week, you still need not turn it into a dump. Solution – imagine going on a trip where you take only the essentials with you. According to the experience of one of the consultants of the online store of military paraphernalia GalaXate, the male lair is not static. Over time, and in the most natural way, unnecessary things will be brought there, broken, and removed.

The number of objects, their combination, and computerized integration is a platform for your creative searches, in which the law of the “men’s lair” genre does not imply strict stylistic rules, except for practical ones. Of the latter, the lair should have items such as a bar fridge, a half-wall TV, a superb surround sound system, game consoles, a desktop computer for work, and a tablet for entertainment. And also, in the lair there should be many armchairs and sofas, one billiard or card table – this is your choice – and one piece of sports equipment.

5.The division into zones.

With all the conditional disorganization, to somehow navigate in the male lair, it must be divided into zones; for sleep, work, and leisure. The space division is carried out thanks to zonal lighting, textured surfaces, and appropriate furniture. Another criterion for the section: 1) for guests – the most illuminated spaces, and exclusively 2) for the owner of the den – the darkest corners of this.

What have we learned?

A man’s lair can be modern, and a woman can live in it. The cave should be smooth with other family members and roommates. It can be equipped, and ideally, it needs to be integrated into a smart home system.

Alternative styles for men’s dens are industrial, loft, rural, or hunting styles.

We also learned that the space of the den should be divided into three zones. To personify this, you can use photographs, rare items related to the professional work of the owner, or items from his past, such as military paraphernalia. The main thing is that in one zone of the den, there should be only one object that attracts attention, dedicated to only one person – the inhabitant of the male shelter.


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