Redmi teases a new smartphone with 64MP camera sensor

    Redmi becomes the second mobile phone brand to unveil 64MP camera sensor

    Redmi teases a 64MP smartphone camera sensor

    At a time when 48MP camera sensor is the latest trend, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi, has teased its upcoming Android smartphone with a high-resolution 64MP camera sensor. Samsung was the first brand to unveil its latest 64MP camera sensor three months ago, which means the company will be among the first to use this superior resolution sensor.

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    Today, Redmi is officially joining the 64MP trend with its upcoming phone. The company revealed the camera sample and detail of the camera sensor on its Weibo page. According to the Weibo post, the 64MP sensor will be dishing out high-quality images of up to 20MB big, which is higher than the 16MB we get on the trending 48MP sensors. (Alprazolam)

    But, clearly, we know that all these talks about phones having 48MP or this latest 64MP cutting-edge sensor are just marketing terms. The 64MP primary sensor won’t be capturing 64MP images. The highest you get is high-quality 16MP images. In any case, it is still the first of its kind and much higher than any sensor you can see at the moment.

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    So, what will be the name of the first Redmi phone to feature this 64MP camera sensor? This you have to keep following us on Telegram Channel for full detail soon.


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