Fortune Tiger Slot Review: Detailed Guide to Playing at Fortune Tiger Casino


If you are new and want to try a really fun game, look no further than Fortune Tiger! In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of this exciting casino game. 

Tiger of Happiness 

Fortune Tiger is an online slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is developed by Tiger Cafe and can be found in various online casinos. 

Rules and Mechanics of Fortune Tiger Online Slot

Before we dive into each aspect, let’s take a look at the rules and mechanics of Fortune Tiger. The tasks in the game are very simple and can be understood by everyone: match the symbols on the reels to win bonuses. The game contains a variety of symbols and combinations that offer different payouts, bonus rounds, and special features that increase your winnings.

Graphics, sounds and animations

You will notice that one of the main features of Fortune Tiger is the stunning graphics and animations. These slot machines are set in the regular Chinese market and include symbols such as lucky coins, red lights and reels, which are an integral part of the Chinese market. Voice-over music and various realistic sound effects perfectly complement the player and take him to the most interesting places.


As mentioned before, the Wealth Tiger has different symbols, and each symbol has a different meaning. The top earning symbol is the God of Wealth Tiger symbol, followed by lucky coins, lanterns, scrolls and traditional Chinese symbols such as Yin Yang and Lucky Cat. 

Function Fortune

Tiger can provide the player with several unique features to increase his winnings. First up is the wild symbol. He can change any symbol in the game to create trophy combinations. The second option is the scatter symbol, which is a small red envelope that triggers the bonus round. There’s also a bonus round where you can select different envelopes to unlock instant prizes.

Fortune Tiger Bonus Round

But the game offers more than just unique symbols! If you find and trigger the scatter symbol, you’ll also participate in the Fortune Tiger bonus round. To activate the bonus round, you need to land three or more Fortune Tiger symbols on the reels. During this promotion, you can spin the reels to unlock various winning add-ons that will boost your bank account.

Demo game Fortune Tiger 

In order to make it easier for players to familiarize themselves with the game, try game strategies, and discover the complexity of the game, the developers provide a DEMO version of the game. This is to help players feel comfortable and understand that winning is possible. It also prevents players from risking any real money.

Using the information above, I would like to say that Fortune Tiger is an amazing casino game with excellent graphics, various symbols and bonus features that give it a special character and distinctive features among all the abundance of casino games. In order to evaluate the completeness of the game and all the distinctive details,

you need to try the game yourself through the DEMO version! Also, for the convenience of playing Fortune Tiger, the developers offer to download it on Google Play.



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