How a reading tracker can transform your reading habits


Finding time to read can be challenging in a world filled with distractions. Many of us want to read more, whether it’s to broaden our horizons, explore fantastical worlds, or take fresh viewpoints. 

But with a plan, our reading goals often are fulfilled. This is where a reading tracker comes to the rescue. In this post, we’ll cover the benefits of starting to track your reading, show you how it may change your reading, and provide a road map for improving your reading skills.

The positive impact of reading

Reading is a good way of personal development. It helps you to discover fresh ideas, visit remote locations, and learn from the greatest brains in history. Additionally, reading may reduce stress and increase vocabulary. However, finding time to read can be challenging in our fast-paced lives. This is where a reading tracker can be your secret weapon.

What is a reading tracker?

Use a reading tracker to keep track of and manage your reading progress. It could be a digital app or a notebook, among other things. A reading tracker’s primary purposes are to assist you in setting and achieving your reading goals, record the books you’ve read, and identify trends in your reading patterns.

Benefits of using a reading tracker

    • Accountability. A reading tracker holds you accountable for your reading goals. Recording your reading progress makes you more likely to stay committed to your reading routine. It’s like having a personal reading coach encouraging you to reach your goals.
  • Goal Setting. Setting specific reading goals is essential to becoming a more focused and intentional reader. With a reading tracker, you can set goals such as the number of books to read in a month, the genres you want to explore, or the amount of time you’ll dedicate to reading each day.
  • Tracking Progress. One of the most satisfying aspects of using a reading tracker is seeing your progress over time. As you log the books you’ve completed and the pages you’ve read, you create a visual representation of your reading journey. This visual feedback can be highly motivating.
  • Discovering Patterns. A reading tracker allows you to find patterns in your reading habits. You might notice that you read more during certain times of the day or that you tend to gravitate toward a specific genre. This self-awareness can help you tailor your reading habits to suit your preferences and schedule better.
  • Diverse Reading. For many, it’s easy to get stuck in a reading rut, sticking to the same genre or author. A reading tracker can encourage you to diversify your reading by setting goals to explore new genres, authors, or non-fiction topics.
  • Remembering Books. How often have you finished a fantastic book only to forget its title or author a few months later? A reading tracker ensures that you remember the books you’ve read, making it easier to recommend them to others or revisit them in the future.

Types of reading trackers

There are many different types of reading trackers, so pick the one that best meets your preferences. 

Physical Notebook

A traditional approach is where you maintain a dedicated notebook or journal to record your reading progress. You can customize it with categories like book titles, authors, start and finish dates, and your thoughts on each book.

Digital Apps and Websites

Numerous digital apps and websites are designed specifically for reading tracking. Goodreads, for example, allows you to create a virtual bookshelf, set reading goals, and track your progress.


If you prefer a more organized and data-driven approach, you can create a reading tracker spreadsheet using software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This allows for detailed tracking and analysis of your reading habits.

Printable Reading Tracker

Printable reading trackers offer a tangible and customizable option. You can find a variety of templates online that you can download and print. This printable checklist template often includes book details, reading goals, and progress-tracking sections. You can personalize them to suit your preferences and even decorate them as you like.

Bullet Journal

For those who enjoy creative journaling, a bullet journal can be adapted to serve as a reading tracker. You can design custom pages to record your reading goals, progress, and reviews.

Apps with Scanning Features

Some apps, like ‘LibraryThing,’ allow you to scan the ISBN barcode of a book, automatically adding it to your reading list. This can be a time-saving way to catalog your books.

Steps to get started a reading tracker

Getting started with a reading tracker is easy and can be a fun part of your reading journey. Here’s a simple guide to begin:

Step 1:Choose Your Tracker. Decide whether you want to use a physical notebook, a digital app, a spreadsheet, a bullet journal, or a printable reading tracker. Pick the one that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Step 2: Set Your Goals. Establish clear reading goals. Determine how many books you want to read, the genres you’d like to explore, or any other reading-related objectives you have in mind.

Step 3: Record Your Books. Start logging the books you read. Include details like the book title, author, start and finish dates, and your thoughts or reviews. Many of these details can be added automatically if you’re using a digital app.

Step 4: Stay Consistent. Make it a habit to update your reading tracker regularly. Set aside a specific time, whether it’s daily, weekly, or after finishing each book, to record your progress

Step 5: Review and Reflect. Periodically review your reading tracker to assess your progress, identify any patterns or trends, and adjust your reading goals as needed. Use your tracker as a source of motivation and inspiration to keep reading.

To sum up, using a reading tracker may greatly enhance your reading journey. It offers the framework and inspiration needed to make reading a regular habit. A reading tracker can assist you in meeting your reading goals, finding new books to enjoy, and going on literary adventures that will improve your life, whether you’re an experienced reader or someone who wants to read more frequently. Decide whatever reading tracker you use – digital, analog, or printable – and begin your journey to become a more accomplished and ardent reader. 



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