How to choose the right match to bet on football: analysis criteria and strategy selection

bet on football

Choosing the right match to bet on is sometimes more important than making the right prediction. Meetings involving your favorite team are especially dangerous.

Choosing the right combination is already half the battle. Preliminary analysis of the games will increase your chances of making long-term profits. In this article we will analyze the criteria for selecting matches and how to bet correctly on football.

Criteria for selecting matches to bet on

Select matches to bet on based on the following criteria.

sport class

Most players bet on popular sports and major competitions. The most popular sport to bet on is soccer. In 2019, it accounted for 38% of all bets. There are players who prefer unpopular sports and place bets on mostbet uz. These bets are called value bets.

Value bets:

First of all, choose those sports that you understand best.

teams, athletes

Narrow down your potential list of events by taking into account as many factors as possible. For example, the results of the last ten matches, statistics of personal meetings, the presence of personnel problems, the physical condition of the players, weather conditions, psychological state, etc.

Do not bet on matches that have not been analyzed or taken into account a series of factors.


The bookmaker analyzes the events and includes a commission in the odds. Read more about it here:

The coefficient does not reflect the true probability of the outcome, since it includes a margin. Bookmakers adjust odds based on player bets, new information about the balance of power, or events during the match.

If the odds of an outcome are constantly decreasing, it means that the bookmaker’s players have placed a large number of bets on that election. You can make profits from this:

Tournament motivation

The importance of the match for the team helps to better evaluate the chances of the rivals.

For example, in a friendly match or in the second leg of a cup match after a crushing victory in the first match, the favorite can play with the reserves. Therefore, the initial “sure thing” can become risky.

If a team needs a victory by two or more goals in the European Cup playoffs, this team will attack with a one goal advantage.

Betting markets

Please note the additional betting markets. For example, in a soccer match between a clear favorite and a hopeless loser, the odds of the former winning may be less than 1.15.

To increase your winning potential, you can bet on the favorite’s first goal, goal or corner handicap and even possession advantage.

How to bet correctly on football

Study the statistics. Consider the statistics of head-to-head matchups between teams from the same division, their playing style, team form, personnel issues, etc.

Don’t blindly bet on the favorites, especially away from home against a team that plays well at home.

Determine yourself the probability of an outcome and the value of a bet on a specific outcome and then compare it with the bookmaker’s odds.

Do not bet on sporting events involving teams for which you have a personal affinity.

Analyze betting statistics in test mode and make adjustments to the rules to select sports events to bet on. Change your game strategy if necessary.

If the approval rate is 70-80% remotely, you can go into the red. And if you guess 30% of the results correctly, you can come out ahead.

Much depends on the choice of matches for betting and odds, but not everything. Game bank distribution strategies are important. This is financial management when you follow a chosen plan.

To bet on football or any other sport, do your own thing. In addition to statistics, consider odds movements, breaking news, starting lineups and expert opinions.


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