Mahir EMRELI: I really don’t know, but I don’t blame the coach either


Mahir Amreli, the striker of the Azerbaijan national football team and Croatian “Dinamo” (Zagreb), answered the questions of the reporter of

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Why didn’t you play (2:2) against Rijeka in the last round of the Croatian Championship?

It’s probably the coach’s opinion. Maybe during the game, the coach was thinking of letting me go. I dont know. Maybe I was not satisfied with the last game in the Europa League. Maybe I see the game differently.It’s hard to say why I didn’t play. If you are a football fan and want to bet on this event, visit

Although you were the one who saved the team from defeat with Varazdin (1:1) in the last round. Is there an explanation for this?

It turns out like this (laughs). Once you step on the field, the next time is different. I really don’t know, but I don’t blame the head coach either. When something goes wrong, you have to make a change. Only the head coach has an explanation.

Some time ago, the main group of fans of “Dinamo” published a post on their social network page, noting your statistics this season, expressing their support for you. Is fan recognition worth a lot?

They are our main audience. It’s nice for them to see how hard I work and want to help the team. The main thing is that they see that I came to “Dynamo” for a reason. I give 100 percent when I can. It is very important that they notice this because they are true fans of the club. But the head coach and teammates should also be happy.

Why is Dynamo performing so poorly in the Conference League this season?

For some reason, things did not go well for us in this tournament. It seems that we had a good game at home with “Victoria” (0:1). On the trip, we looked better in the second half (0:1). He was a tough opponent. We still have a chance to get out of the group. I think we will win the last two matches and advance to the playoffs.

Recently, local media reported that you may leave the team in the winter because Turkish clubs are interested in you. What do you think about it?

I am a player of “Dinamo” and I still have more than a month to play until the end of the first half of the season. It is too early to think about that. I have to give all my concentration to the team. There are problems to be solved in the Croatian championship. We have two games left. Before winter, we should at least close the gap, or even go back to square one.

Azerbaijan’s national team is waiting for the final matches against Sweden (November 16) and Belgium (November 19) in the qualifying round of EURO-2024. How’s the mood considering we have no chance left?

Nothing to lose. We need to go out, play good football and have fun playing against big teams and big players. I remember the matches with Belgium in my career. Although they say they are not having the best time right now. But when it comes to player selection, they work great. It is the same with Sweden, which we lost by a big margin (0:5) in the first game. I would like to change my opinion about myself. If we play with them like in the last matches, we can get a good result.

Although, hypothetically, we could still bypass the Swedes. Is it worth taking a swing?

Of course it’s worth it. Every point gained in the team is good for our football. You can successfully play with both teams. The main thing is to have a good mood and not feel stressed. We have to go out on the field calmly and enjoy football. But along with the game, the result will be important.


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