Need to sell your home as quickly as possible? Here are six great options


Sometimes there is an urgent need to sell your home.  Whether it’s to raise funds, personal issues such as bankruptcy or divorce, or a move for a job.  Some might have inherited a house, but they are tired of owning it or lack knowledge of managing the property remotely.  Regardless of the reason, there are several ways to sell your home quickly with the assistance of skilled Oshkosh realtors. Here are six effective methods to expedite the real estate selling process, along with explanations of how they work.  

Method 1. MLS

Real estate agents typically charge a commission of around 6%. However, a quick sale is possible with the right agent’s services.  Reach out to experienced real estate agents in your area, and aim for a 30-day contract to motivate the agent to sell your home as quickly as possible.  

Method 2. Private sale (FSBO – For Sale By Owner)

If you can’t get a realtor to list your home on the MLS, consider selling the property as an FSBO (for sale by the owner).  This option is increasingly popular among homeowners who want to keep more of the profits for themselves.  Utilize websites like Houzeo, FSBO, Fisher, and Zillow to facilitate the private sale.   

Method 3. Cash offers

Companies that offer cash for your property are another way to sell quickly. While you’ll generally receive less than market value for your home, the benefits include low service fees, a hassle-free loan process, and no appraisal.  In addition, you eliminate the hassle and uncertainty of traditional selling for a quick process.  

Method 4. Short sale

Real estate agencies in Wisconsin play a crucial role in facilitating short sales, which occur when the lender receives a loan payment that is less than the owed amount. This method can provide a swift solution for selling a home, as buyers have the opportunity to purchase it at a price below the market value. While this may temporarily impact the seller’s credit score, it typically does not reach a level where lenders would initiate foreclosure proceedings. 

To ensure a smooth process, consulting with a Wisconsin realtor specializing in short sales is advisable. When advertising your property, be sure to include the keyword “short sale” in the description to attract buyers who are specifically seeking expedited sales.

Method 5. Auctions

Selling a home at auction is quick. The bidding and selling process takes only a few minutes and is usually completed within 30 days. Auction houses have no conditions or warranties attached to the property, allowing the seller to avoid additional repair costs and the dire consequences of a failed transaction due to property conditions or financial problems. There are three main types of real estate auctions: direct auction (obliged to sell at the highest price), lower offer (selling the lowest acceptable price), and reserve auction (deciding whether to accept the winning bid).  Keep in mind that auctions may involve additional costs for home sellers.  

Method 6. Using iBuyer

iBuyer is a company that uses Automated Valuation Models (AVM) and mathematical algorithms to buy homes quickly for cash. iBuying sets its sale prices based on several variables such as age, state, area, zip code, and other properties of your property. Sellers who accept an iBuyer offer can close the deal confidentially and receive a payment within a week of purchasing the home. Keep in mind that iBuyer’s business model is to buy a house below market value, do minor renovations, and sell it for a profit. This means that selling your home through iBuyer may not be as profitable as any other method.

Key tips on how to quickly and successfully sell your real estate at a favorable price for you

  1. Contact real estate agents and request references from former clients before signing an agreement.
  2. Set an appropriate price range by comparing prices of similar homes on real estate sites.
  3. Keep your home clean and tidy to make it appealing to buyers
  4. Consider small repairs or hire an inexpensive handyman for improvements.
  5. Improve curb appeal to create a better first impression.
  6. Use professional photos in your marketing materials.
  7. Be flexible and available for potential buyers to view your home. 

The optimal time for a successful sale

The best time to sell a house depends on where you live. Homes that sell in late spring or early summer often sell a few days early and for above-average prices.  Early May is often the best time to sell. However, if you need to move quickly, you may not be able to choose the month that you sell. 

Prepare your home thoroughly.

Consider minor upgrades for both outside and inside the home.  Create a better first impression of your home and increase its curb appeal. Keep the yard clean and tidy, and update the front and back gardens. Consider hiring a professional decorator to arrange furniture and decorations so that the home appears spacious and welcoming to potential buyers.

Use professional photos

The best real estate photos in your marketing materials will make your home feel warm and inviting.

Be Flexible and Available

If you want to sell quickly, it’s important that buyers can easily visit your home. Evening events can be difficult to accommodate, but that is often when buyers are available. Most buyers expect a good price for a quick offer, so don’t be offended by cheap offers. 

How can I invest in real estate as a small investor?

After you sell your home, you may want to consider investing your profits in real estate investing.  There are several options available beyond simply buying a home.  

As an investor, you have several key options when investing in real estate. If you are on a tight budget, this is certainly possible with loans, but there are often better investments. Don’t forget that if you decide to buy an investment property, you automatically take on another financial burden because it is only possible with a loan. Real estate ETFs and cloud investments can reduce the huge financial burden associated with loans.   

Let’s take a closer look at these options.  

Real Estate ETFs

Real Estate ETFs usually follow a specific catalog so that they can be used in various industries, such as stocks, commodities, and other investment opportunities.   Among them are only shares of companies belonging to the real estate sector. It is suitable for many investors because it offers the opportunity to invest in real estate, even with a small amount of money. 

Buying shares in REITs is valuable because income from the rental, leasing, or sale of real estate allows the investor to earn a profit. REITs are one of the most popular methods of indirect real estate investing. It is beneficial to understand the stock market in advance, as it provides investors with a wide and profitable opportunity to generate passive, stable income.

Crowd investments: project financing

Crowd Investing is an exciting new form of investing in small real estate. The principle is simple: many investors jointly invest in attractive real estate projects. Thus, even if your income is low, there is a value that you can invest profitably. This investors to invest in several high-yield properties that can be used for capital expenditure. Crowd investing is a digital real estate investment where even a small amount can be invested in an existing property.

Investing in digital real estate

One of today’s innovations is digital real estate investing, which allows investors to participate in real estate rental and receive rental income. The difference with project finance is that digital real estate investments can be used to create wealth. Professionally purchased and managed properties provide consistent rental income, leading to maintenance payments and bank loans, and regular income. It also ensures optimal property development and increases the value of existing properties. Features: Unlike renting your property, there are no problems here. Investing is also completely digital, and you can learn more about the progress of real estate investment online at any time.

Real estate accumulation plan

ETFs and crowdfunding investments are very popular.  Investor benefits often apply to different types of investments. If you want to hold onto your investment for many years, you can sit back and enjoy the passive income; on the other hand, you can invest for a short period and use the profit for a different purpose.  

If you want to use your investment as a savings plan, simply deposit any amount into the investment every month. It automatically applies to investments, in this case, real estate. If you, as an investor, do not know how to structure your investments, leave it to someone else, such as a qualified real estate agent. Real estate savings plans will help you choose the best investment for you and achieve your desired returns and savings. This allows you to conveniently and easily receive passive income from real estate. 

Stocks and real estate funds

Stocks and real estate funds are also suitable for investing in real estate with a smaller amount of money. As for funds, it is necessary to distinguish between open and closed real estate funds. Open-end real estate funds have the advantage of diversifying the risk of loss by investing in several projects. Commissions are charged not only for purchases but also for managing funds. 

In closed-end real estate funds, investors must invest larger sums of money, which is difficult for small investors. Another disadvantage is the very long existence of real estate funds. If you want to sell your shares before this deadline, you must find a buyer yourself. Therefore, the risk of losing this investment can be relatively high. If you want to bet on individual stocks while investing in real estate, that is certainly possible. The terms and rewards you can get here depend on your purchase decisions.  


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