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People are always looking for a way to have fun online. Satta Matka has been a favorite game played by the Indian population for years. Thanks to technology, they can play their favorite game online by accessing a quality site like Lottoland. There you can play the lottery from your phone. Satta Matka is a lottery game. As with any lottery game, you wager a bit of money in the hopes that your numbers will hit.  While it is popular and there are a significant number of people who win, there are no guarantees.

Satta Matka began in India more than 70 years ago. In its early days, it was a betting game based on the opening and closing numbers of the New York Cotton Exchange. In the transportation of cotton between Bombay and New York, the rate of the cotton exchange changed often and significantly. No one could predict how much the rate would fluctuate from morning to evening numbers. People in the industry began trying to guess the numbers and soon started betting that their numbers would be correct. Teleprinters from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange provided the numbers. This process was changed in 1961, bringing an end to the fun. Noticing the loss’s impact on the people, Ratan Khatri came up with a variation of the game. The new game was like the old, with the exception of the opening and closing rates of fictitious products. This simple idea was very effective. Slips of paper with the guesses written on them were placed into a Matka. Then a designated person would pull a chit and declare the winning numbers.

The popularity of the game, especially around mill towns, was renewed. Bookies would set up shop in the mill towns. Variations of the game evolved from one generation to another, and Matka remained strong and widespread.

The government tried to outlaw the popular game, but to enjoy the game, the Indian people continued to play even if no money was wagered.

Online Gaming

Globally, people play the lottery every day. Satta Matka is no different. Many will play, and some will win with luck. While playing online, it is important to select a site that is safe and secure.

Here are some helpful tips:

The URL bar at the top of your computer screen should have an image of a padlock on the left. This symbolizes that the site you are on is secure and encrypted.

All vendors must be licensed and regulated to operate in the United Kingdom legally. The UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) approve the best companies. Additional regulators may license them, but they must hold these. The more licenses they have, the more countries they are authorized to do business with. Stringent regulations for companies that deal in online lotteries are in place for your protection. Compliance is mandatory, so if you don’t find this to be the case, please find another online company.


All online casinos must be able to pay the jackpots. The fixed-odds lottery companies use underwriters and maintain sufficient coverage. Large payouts are paid immediately by the insurance company. Smaller wins are paid from house funds directly into your account. Verify your bets are insured and that winnings are readily available. Global industry leaders take no issue with this.

Insurance information is available on corporate websites. If you cannot get it, you may want to ask yourself why they are not transparent about how they protect their customers and their money.

How do you play?

“Jhatka Matka” by Lottoland is an online version of the original game. Bets begin at Rs. 200 and can go to Rs. 10,000. The computer dictates the pull online, representing the three cards pulled in the manual version.

There are several alternatives to the game. Each winning combination has unique odds. We have listed them below.

  • Ank –  The last digit matches either the opening or closing numbers
    • Odds are 1 in 10
  • Half Sangam – the opening Ank and closing or opening three digits
    • Odds are 1 in 1666
  • Full Sangam – the opening three digits and closing three digits
    • Odds are 1 in 27777
  • Single Patti – All numbers are unique for the opening or the closing
    • Odds are 6 in 1000
  • Double Patti – at least two digits are the same
    • Odds are 3 in 1000
  • Triple Patti – at least three digits are the same
    • Odds are 1 in 1000
  • Jodi – an extra 2-digit number coming from the opening and closing results
    • Odds are 1 in 100

Matka King!

You are the Matka King if you win a reasonable sum of money playing Jhatka Matka! Anyone can be king. Just have fun playing this great game and win. Use your smartphone or android to play or access the internet with your laptop or tablet. All the fun is waiting for you. Give it a try today and see if you are the next Matka King.





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