What to Know About Raunak Mehta Wife, Net Worth, Biography, and More

Raunak Mehta Wife

Since you are here, you have heard the name “Raunak Mehta” and are now curious about him and his whereabouts. Let’s tell some history first; Raunak Mehta is a person no one knows; he was hidden from cameras and industry until he met Deepika Kakkar. Deepika and Raunak met, fell in love, and got married in a concise time. In this article, you will find all the details about Raunak, along with his past lifestyle, which attracted attention after marrying Deepika Kakkar. He is Deepika Kakkar’s first husband, and the couple married in 2013 and divorced in 2015. Raunak Mehta Wife name was Deepika Kakkar.

Biography of Raunak Mehta:

Raunak mostly goes by the name Raunak Samson, which he also writes on most social media platforms. His real name is Raunak Mehta, and his nickname is Chintu; all his friends and family call him. He did not share his birth date with the media. People predicted him only by his success and education and announced that Raunak Mehta would be in his late 40s.

Early Childhood and Education Details:

He was born in Mumbai, India, his hometown, and attended a private school in Mumbai. He continued his studies at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree and later completed his master’s degree in aeronautics in Texas. His main job at that time was as a pilot. Anyone who has seen Raunak Mehta’s biography knows that he is focusing on his career and that being a pilot is his dream.

Personal Life and Career Details:

Raunak Mehta was around 20 years old when he returned to India after completing his higher education abroad. Soon after his return, he got many offers from several Indian airlines. Raunak started work and developed his career, keeping his primary goal to enjoy every moment with his family and friends. He was a man who loved his country very much, and that was why he came back directly after his master to serve the country. Apart from the country, he is also interested in Bollywood films, dramas, and actor life.

Raunak Mehta Meeting with Deepika Kakkar:

Raunak met Deepika when she started work after returning from Texas. Both were working at Jet Airways India at the time. At that time, Raunak was the pilot, and Deepika was the flight attendant. Raunak is from Pune due to his work in Mumbai. Deepika and Raunak have clicked since they first met. After starting a relationship, they were confident that they talked to their families and would have the marriage soon.

The couple was happily married when Deepika set her sights on becoming an actress. As Raunak greatly admires acting and Bollywood, he is happy with his breakthrough in the entertainment industry. At that time, Raunak supported his wife in all decisions and took all auditions with her.

Family of Raunak Mehta:

Raunak and Deepika’s lifestyles are entirely opposite. Deepika works in the media industry, loves the attention she gets, and has many fans who have an interest in her daily life. As for Raunak, he is very career-oriented and worked very hard to become a pilot. As such, there are no details about his parents and siblings.

Net Worth of Raunak Mehta:

Although there is not much information about the Raunak family, he is not from an elite or upper-class family. This means that he does not have a large inheritance and property to have wealth. He also works as a clerk and manages his finances from his monthly salary. Since he was a pilot, his salary would be between 77000 and one lakh. He works in the government sector, so he is eligible and takes advantage of the government’s incentives for all its employees.

First Divorce of Raunak Mehta:

Deepika is the first wife, and many people mistake her for Raunak Samson’s second wife. In 2010, Deepika worked on her television debut, playing the role of Lakshmi. From then on, she got attention but wasn’t very tall when she married Raunak. After marriage, her acting skills and career in the entertainment industry began to develop. It was the best move for him to make a significant change in his career and enter a world where his talent was starting to blossom.

Raunak is just an ordinary person, but once Deepika starts to attract attention, so does she. They spent 2-3 years together, and it remains a big secret about their family life. Raunak and Deepika are a happy couple and prefer to keep this life a secret away from all the couple’s mess and media attention. They divorced in 2015, and the happy private couple became a controversial topic in the media as soon as that happened. Suppose you have an interest in knowing more about Raunak Mehta’s wife or any other details. In that case, you can visit different sites like Past News.

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