The 3 Most Common Mistakes That Etsy Store Owners Make

Store Owners

There are some essentials to running a business that apply no matter what type it is. For instance, selling your art or crafts on Etsy constitutes a business so the same thoughts apply. If you want to be successful you have to follow a few guidelines. Not only that, but you have to avoid some mistakes. 

There are a lot of common mistakes that Etsy store owners make that end up making it difficult for them to be successful. The key is knowing what those mistakes are so that you can make sure to not fall into the same traps. In this article, we will go over what you need to avoid doing to run a successful store on Etsy. 

1 – Not knowing your costs

Having a healthy profit margin is essential to being successful in any business. Even though you are creating crafts or making works of art, you have to know how much of a profit you can make so you know if it is worth it to even start your project. 

You’ll need to calculate how much it costs to produce your creation to understand if you can make money off of it. For instance, you will need to know how much it costs to send your package with a courier like Even the packaging has to be included in the cost to produce the product. 

Then add in the cost of the material and even how long it takes to produce each piece. If you can price it to match what you expect to make per hour to produce it minus the costs then you can go ahead and start your store. 

2 – Not optimizing your store 

Your product page is the showcase of your store. Just like a display, your product page has to be made to show the product in the best possible light as well as to bring the right type of customer. This means that you have to have great photos and descriptions. 

Think about the type of keywords somebody would use to find your product and make sure to include every permutation of it in the description so the algorithm can pick up on it. 

Photos are also essential so make sure to post a lot of them showing the product from multiple angles. You should also stage the product so people can understand what it would look like if they wear it or how it would look on their wall, for instance. 

3 – Ignoring social media

Building a solid social media following is crucial to your success. Since the people following you love what you are doing they are true fans. They are highly motivated to buy from you more than a casual visitor to your page would be. Make sure to create engaging content that they love to see and once in a while post some promotional content that highlights your products and sends them to your store. 



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