The State of Mobile Gambling Around the World

State of Mobile Gambling

Just a few decades ago, people couldn’t imagine playing Online Cricket Betting ID games without stepping into land-based gambling outlets. However, technology is changing the market as we speak. Thanks to smartphones, the online gambling industry is booming. Today, it’s possible to place a bet from wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet. Casino apps offer games and features that you’d typically get on your browser, and these are all optimized for the mobile device. State of Mobile Gambling-

State of Mobile Gambling Today

With smartphones, players in South Africa can place bets on the US Lottery without visiting a bookmaker or pool shop. Bettors and operators owe this possibility to the internet and relaxed betting regulations. According to mobile gambling statistics, the market is set to reach $53.75 billion by 2025. Europe makes up the highest share of the global mobile betting share, with 57. ( 2% in 2018. However, Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region with a forecasted CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 13.8%. 

The Rise of Live Dealerships

Today, casinos offer online live dealers with improved connections and response times. Previously, players suffered frequent timeouts and delays, which didn’t make gameplay much fun.

New Payment Methods

With the introduction of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Payoneer, and other alternatives, players enjoy shorter withdrawal and deposit times. These modern banking methods also allow gamers a wider choice of online casinos. Other than that, blockchain is in. Many casinos now deal in cryptocurrency, which aids in security and privacy.

Virtual Reality

While current VR and AR casino experiences leave much to be desired, the technology is expected to grow exponentially as big companies like Meta and Microsoft venture into the metaverse. As tech players spend more money on research and development in VR gaming, online casinos will definitely be on the winning end of this wave. As play gets more immersive, operators can expect a new generation of punters at their doorstep. 

The COVID-19 Boom

Most land-based casinos faced losses during the pandemic due to closed borders resulting in a massive dip in foreign visitors. Mobile casino operators gained a lot of patronage due to imposed lockdowns. People who would normally visit Las Vegas and the like satisfied their hunger for gambling by using apps like El Royale Casino and 

Although physical casino premises are opening up, many people are still wary of venturing out. They would rather stay home and enjoy the perks of gambling in the comfort of their own living space. Who can blame them? The CDC guidelines mean stricter measures like mask-wearing and distancing, and some patrons understandably want to wait until things loosen up before visiting crowded spots again. 


Cyber attacks are rampant in today’s world, and online casinos are natural targets. Sometimes, hackers go after personal data, and in worse cases, credit card and banking information. In 2020, SuperCasino fell victim to a data breach that exposed its customers’ sensitive details. The attack resulted in a loss of reputation and users.

When it comes to mobile gaming, millions of transactions that amount to billions of dollars occur annually. For the industry to grow, enhanced security is crucial to eliminate hacks, data leaks, and fake apps. 

What’s in the Future for Mobile Gambling?

The global smartphone penetration rate reached over 78% in 2020, up from 49% in 2016. That’s a pretty significant jump. Smartphones aren’t going anywhere for the next few years, and now that users have a taste of gambling and mobility, their appetites for online casinos are only set to grow. The billion-dollar question now is whether operators are ready to accept and deal with the growing industry and the many challenges that come with it.

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