Tips On How To Live Well With Your Flatmates And Why You Should Share Your Flat With Your Friends


Moving to Bangalore? Well, there is no dearth of accommodation in the Silicon Valley of India. But we still advice, you do some research before renting a house. With regard to flat and flatmates bangalore, our advice would be that you avoid buying strangers’ claims blindly. Don’t commit to living with people you don’t know the backgrounds of. After all, your living experience in a rental depends considerably on your roommates or flatmates.

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to live with family. But trust us, moving out to live with strangers is even harder.

Once you decide to move, your family will most likely explain all the rules and regulations you must follow with your new housemates. Some parents even go to the extent of labelling their children’s pots, cutleries, and other belongings. But then living with other people is not about being suspicious of your pots and pans being stolen by them. It’s about getting to know and accept people from different backgrounds, places, and with different personalities.

So, here are some useful tips that will help you live cordially with your flatmates in bangalore. Check out—

  • Be patient and kind

To adjust living with other people, you should learn patience and tolerance. After all, you may have to live with people having different lifestyles.

You and your roommates may show leniency towards one another at first. As you become more familiar with one another, things might start to fall apart. You may find that dishes are often left in the sink without being cleaned. Sometimes, you may see that the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned after shower. These things can be very frustrating. Hence, it is important to be patient and tolerant. Give them time to resolve the problem on their own. If it isn’t done, calmly ask the person to clean up as you would.

The key is to be patient and not being aggressive. You can avoid this situation by setting house rules, just as moms do, and making sure that everybody follows them.

  • It’s okay to have a cleaning schedule

Another tip is to create a system for cleaning communal areas such as the lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms. It’s not realistic to expect everyone to be able to vacuum every single day. Make a list of who will do what each week. It’s fair and it sets expectations for you and your flatmates. A written roster will keep everyone accountable and will reduce unnecessary arguments.

  • You should buy household essentials as soon as possible

The next amazing tip would be to use a roster system to figure out who is going to buy the groceries, who the vegetables, and who the other requirements. This makes sure that everyone has an assigned job and an equal responsibility towards making living together possible.

  • Spend time with your flatmates

We would recommend that you make friends with your roommates and go out with them often. One day, you will move out and if you want that your friendships stay alive even beyond that point, then it’s important to live with your flatmates like friends and not as strangers.

Now that we have discussed how to live peacefully with your flatmates, we will look at how living with flatmates, especially your friends can be so beneficial—

  • The house will be a happy place to be

If you aren’t sure if it’s a good idea for you to live with other people, you should keep in mind the best perk: you get to spend time with your friends at home every day.

You will find it much easier to plan social events and won’t have to worry about being scolded because your friends are staying at home.

As you will be coming home to your friends every night, you don’t need to worry about making the time to see them between university and juggling a part-time career.

  • You will not be cooking and eating alone; you will share your meals with your flatmates

Cooking alone and cooking without aid can become tiring. Preparing meals together with friends makes cooking and eating a lot more enjoyable. Cooking dinner together can be a great bonding activity. It makes mundane tasks such as peeling potatoes and cutting tomatoes much more bearable.

Furthermore, cooking meals in bulk and sharing them with housemates can help reduce waste and lower the cost of food.

  • You can also share your belongings with flatmates

Each of us has had our own experiences with the “borrower” in shared accommodation. That is, someone who borrows almost everything from everyone but forgets to return or breaks it before everyone else.

Unless and until you are that nagging borrower, it’s ok to borrow things you wouldn’t often use. 

In fact, when it comes to friends, we love to share our belongings with them, so do they.

Living with friends can make borrowing a lot easier, as it’s much easier to share your thoughts with people you’re in a good relationship with.

That means you can borrow from your flatmates, without being labelled ‘the borrower’.

Now that you know the benefits of making your friends your roommates, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider sharing your flat with your true buddies. 


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