Vitech — development of software for the medical industry


Technology helps to study all spheres of human life. Healthcare is no exception. For example, VITech creates the right technologies to improve the quality of life.

What is VITech?

VITech is a custom healthcare software company. Here is the company website — For 14 years, the healthcare software development company has been creating technology solutions and helping to develop factories, large enterprises, start-ups.

What software is created for medicine?

The company’s services are divided into several parts:

  • software engineering;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • consultations.

A medical software development company specializes in creating a project of architecture, a quality interface. Solve the problem of low performance of information systems — finalize and change the processes in your business, test and configure IT systems.

A memorable design and user-friendly interface leave a pleasant impression on users and is a competitive advantage in any business area. VITech considers customer business requirements and user expectations in design development.

Additionally, VITech creates ideas of design concepts for startups and mobile applications based on research, data analysis and testing.

The company offers comprehensive services of IT infrastructure performance optimization to save you from purchasing additional server hardware and save your budget. Experienced specialists pay very careful attention to:

  • coding;
  • product security.

They create individual projects, taking into account the specifics of the business.

Every year, more and more people use mobile browsers and applications to solve their problems. Business can’t see it. You can’t do it without a mobile version. Specialists can provide a mobile application on all platforms. Web development services will help optimize all processes to achieve your goal. Our applications are downloaded daily by thousands of people around the world.

The company creates web services and systems that help optimize production processes, effectively promote customers’ business and appeal to users.

VITech also uses technologies based on artificial intelligence. It allows you to respond faster and more reliably to various indicators. Today, there are a lot of digital indicators which can’t be analysed by the person himself.

Data Science

Future results can be predicted using artificial intelligence and various programs. Errors in such methods are minimal and do not affect the final result. Management programs help to optimize work processes and reduce the number of human errors by several times.

Working with Data Science will improve your understanding of your audience, its behavior, desires, and will help to significantly reduce risks and possible problematic issues.

In addition, VITech advises on complex technical solutions that will help you achieve results. A complete software architecture analysis will reveal security issues, poor performance, and operational inaccuracies.

Specialists take into account the expectations of the customer, the budget of the project and offer the best solution to the problem. After that, there will be no uncertainty in the processes.

Why should you entrust the development of software for medicine to VITech?

Why choose VITech is the right choice:

  • warranty and quality — the company is responsible for the quality of the software and fixes errors in case of problems;
  • modern technologies — experts apply artificial intelligence, machine learning, UI/UX design, Data Science;
  • security — individual projects are created according to world standards.

Expertise in many internal processes, work with different companies, extensive experience, successful cases allow us to say that VITech can solve the tasks.


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