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Hardware and Software Development

Reliable Hardware Solutions:

The cost of hardware changes far exceeds that of software. Since you can’t refactor a physical component after production, we guarantee that the finished embedded hardware design product will be delivered to your customers without errors.

Full-Scale Software Development:

Our core competency in software development lies in C/C++. However, we also use C#, Python, Java, and Objective-C for relevant projects. We create applications and system-level drivers, ensuring cross-platform development.

Specialized Project Management:

To ensure an active communication process, we provide a dedicated project manager for each project. Our clients can communicate directly with developers, and project managers compile daily reports, ensuring that the process stays on track.

Effective Testing:

We include a testing plan in the project’s technical specifications. This plan outlines the functional capabilities we intend to test and the methods we’ll use for testing. We write modular tests and perform various types of manual testing to ensure that the provided functionality works properly.

On-Time Delivery:

Before starting a project, we go through a planning stage where we define project goals and a detailed plan for achieving them. We monitor the progress of the project’s development and meet our expectations regarding service delivery.

Within Scope and Budget:

Thanks to our thorough planning and careful approach to estimation, we can provide an accurate and precise cost estimate. We manage the delivery process, ensuring that our clients always complete their projects within scope and budget.

Flexible Methodology:

We use iterations for development, integration, and testing, showcasing the results of our work in demos. We employ Scrum to organize work into small, manageable parts. And we use Kanban boards to visualize our progress in the workflow.

Support and Maintenance:

After completing the work and ensuring our client is fully satisfied with the results, we initiate a support and maintenance period. During this period, we provide bug fixes to implemented functionality completely free of charge.

Turnkey Product Development:

We reduce costs and increase efficiency by offering hardware and software development services within one company. From hardware to firmware and software — we are ready to apply our comprehensive approach to solving your problem.

Start-up Solutions:

For a startup: the sooner you launch, the more chances you have for success. We help startups validate their concepts by creating MVPs and prototypes using existing development kits. Most startups we’ve assisted have run successful campaigns on Kickstarter and secured investments.

Specialized Development Center:

We provide dedicated teams for clients who want to augment their teams with experts in hardware and low-level programming. We manage people and ensure the quality of work, allowing you full control over the delivery process.

Research and Development:

For projects with a high degree of technical uncertainty, we offer research and development services. We help our clients determine the feasibility of the project, identify potential risks, and estimate the time and cost required for project implementation.

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