10 Free Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location

10 Free Apps Track

Technological advancements have made so many changes in our lives that we find it hard to check out for the merits or the demerits of usage.  Technology and smartphones have made our lives easier and much less worried as we are now connected on a global level. However, it is necessary to take care of your usage as well as for the people you care about. The advancements can be pretty attractive but can also make your life a living hell. Digital discrepancies can be the root of a lot of problems in your life. 10 Free Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location is detailed here.

If you are going somewhere or sending your loved one to someplace which you consider unsafe and perilous, it is necessary to keep a check on the location which is done by location trackers. There are a lot of location trackers that can be beneficial in this regard.

However, some of these trackers can be expensive and unavailable; Spyine is something you need for a location check whilst keeping in view your comfort and precious time.

  • Spyine- Location Tracking Wizard:

Whenever we talk about a competent location tracker that is reinforced with all the elements necessary for a brilliant location spying facility, Spyine surpasses all. Spyine is a robust spying app that bestows you with the exact location of your target mobile without any hassle.

Spyine has been renowned and appreciated in World-class digital platforms that are MacWorld, 9to5Mac, New York Magazine, Business Insider, Digital Trends, and more. All of these wizards get their location tracking needs to be fulfilled from Spyine as it provides you with all the information crucial for location.

Privileges Of Spyine:

Spyine is a globally recognized application that can be used for free without any extra costs or concealed revenue needs. Spyine works in coordination with the user mobile and provides real-time location information.

Spyine not only provides you with an exact location but there is a Geo-Fence facility by Spyine that allows you to check the target if it goes outside the range of your permissible fence on the location provider.

Spyine is used as a brilliant location tracker in more than 190 countries with all the facilities as the availability of this application surpasses all.

Spyine is a trivial application as it can be hidden inside the target phone without letting the other person know. Its minute size can help it to hide the application inside the target mobile.

Spyine is laced with a lot of other features that include remarkable qualities such as the ability to record and save calls, track the texts that are sent on the target phone, track the exact location with situational coordinates as well as Geo-Fencing the boundary in which you can check the location of your target.

Spyine provides a dashboard on which all of your target activities can be easily traced and informed.

How Spyine Helps?

Spyine is a diligent service that can be used at any time and can be employed in all spheres of spying. Not only it tracks the location but reinforces the users with interactive features and responsive strategies. There are some steps that you may need to follow for an extensive location tracking experience.

Here are the protocols you may need to follow:

Setting Up:

Spyine is an extensive web-based application that can be accessed with a mere internet connection. All you need to do is to make sure that you are connected to the internet as well as you need to confirm the application on both of the mobiles for an easy and effective spying experience.

Spyine does not require any jailbreak protocol or physical access as it can be easily toggled from the target phone without any need for breakage.

Giving The Necessary Credentials:

Spyine can only work if you provide it with the necessary credentials that are important for the application to register your account as well as confirm the identity on your phone. There are different credentials that work for different operating systems.

You can provide your Gmail address as a credential if the phone whose location you want to know is an Android configuration however, you may need to enter your iCloud credentials if the target phone, as well as your user phone, is from Apple.


As the details are provided and the data is linked to both of the accounts, you can easily get all of the information that can be useful from the target phone. Spyine ensures that your data is kept sound from any allegiance and is made encrypted as soon as you start the transfer.

The installation is soon finished and you can easily operate the system to obtain all of the necessary information required for an easy location tracking need.

The Dashboard That Helps You Every time:

Spyine not only works with location tracking but also helps you to keep an eye on the other activities that are taking place on the phone. The dashboard is a window that can be accessed from the home of the application and can be used to acquire information apart from location

The dashboard helps in obtaining textual content, recorded calls that were placed on the target cell, browser history of the user as well as images and location within a selected frame.

The Location Tracker:

You can track the location of your target cell with Spyine easily from the dashboard and obtain an exact idea of where the phone of the target is located. The location tracker marks the target on the digital map that is present in the dashboard.

You can get all of the target coordinates as well as the exact situation within the Geo-fence with Spyine.


Minspy is another form of the same packages and allows you to track the location in detail. Minspy can be used for a lot of specific details as it is a highly recommended and dignified application amongst the users.

3. Spyier:

Spyier is a recognized and trusted application that is marked as a good choice for your cell phone tracking needs. Spyier is highly trusted and renowned among all others as it is full of features that make it one of its choice.

4. Spyic:

Spyic is another addition to the list due to acclaimed expertise in the field as well as experience in location tracking strategies. Spy serves as a gigantic helping hand if you want an exact location of your target.

5: Safespy:

Safespy is a safe and tamed application that can be applied for all of your needs in an exact and safe manner as it is sound to use and easy to apply. Safespy ensures that security is maintained throughout the process.

6: Spyzie:

Spyzie is a nice choice if you want to check out the location of your target and get extensive information on the location and its formalities. Spyzie also comes equipped with modern Geo-fence alert technology.

7: Neatspy:

Neatspy as its name tells us, is a neat and clean application that can be used for a sturdy and easy check on the location of the target. You can manually cycle the targets and check for multiple red flags. Neatspy helps you to check the location effortlessly and easily.

 8: Teensafe:

Teensafe is an application that is specifically designed for the parents and guardians who are worried regarding the safety of their children and are busy finding a good location tracker for them. Teensafe can be used for a lot of purposes apart from location tracking needs.

 9: Fonemonitor:

The Fonemoitor is your daily phone checker which allows you to divulge the secrets of the target phone. It also comes equipped with a capable location tracker that provides all the coordinates necessary for finding the exact location of the target.

10: Cocospy:

Cocospy is an old runner in the game of these spying applications and therefore, can be trusted for a multitude of tasks that range from simple mobile spying to exact location divulgence and accurate coordination with the data. Cocospy serves as a reliable tool for location finding and coordinate information.


Spyine is a brilliant service that can work without any extra cost and can help you to secure the location of your beloved. Moreover, the location tracker can assist you to determine the exact situation of your target cell.

Use this virtuoso for all of your location-tracking needs!

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