The Aloha Mental Arithmetic franchise is a mental development program for children ages 4-13. It is based on the use of the abacus as a key element for learning arithmetic. Likewise, the program is taught in schools, academies, and Aloha Mental Arithmetic centers. Today we will talk about the Aloha franchise in India.

    Students develop the brain’s right hemisphere and, consequently, increase their ability to concentrate and pay attention. In addition, they improve creativity, and photographic memory enhances spatial orientation, among many other benefits.

    The Aloha Mental Arithmetic franchise enables widespread improvement in all subjects in the curriculum, including mathematics. However, it is great to learn to use the abacus. Also, children can perform arithmetic operations of up to 17 digits without the help of a calculator, pencil, or paper. So, let’s know more about the Aloha International franchise in India.

    How to start an Aloha franchise in India?

    Aloha Mental Arithmetic is characterized by a high degree of interactivity. Thus, it is an entertaining and enjoyable program that, at the same time, complements and reinforces school learning. Similarly, the Aloha Mental Arithmetic franchise is designed and structured by a group of experts from teaching. And it is taught by qualified teachers.

    The program is made up of a certain number of levels. In this way, it is guaranteed that the learning will have a limited duration and, therefore, a maximum cost.

    How was your project born?

    Aloha Mental Arithmetic was born in Malaysia in 1993. In addition, it is present in 19 countries around the world and has more than 900 centers located in:

    • New Zealand
    • United Kingdom
    • Turkey
    • Spain
    • USA
    • Australia
    • India
    • China
    • Pakistan
    • Syria
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Bangladeshi
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Sudan
    • Nigeria

    The Aloha Mental Arithmetic franchise is offered identically in the different countries in which it is present. All this ensures the overall quality of the program and all the material used in it, a mental development program for children from 4 to 13 years old.

    Franchisee Profile

    Enterprising people want to be part of the Aloha Mental Arithmetic family and with high motivation.

    People with skills to run their own business and the necessary financial resources to cope with solvency at the beginning of the activity.

    However, if you want to be a franchisee of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic, it is necessary to have the ambition to expand the business within the exclusive area. And demonstrate a high commitment to the quality standards inherent to the brand.

    Likewise, it is also important to demonstrate commitment to the sector in which the business is framed (education and training).

    Why should you choose Aloha Franchise?

    Aloha international is a franchise of teaching centers with its learning method that allows students to fully develop their intellectual potential through seven programs: Mental Arithmetic, Abacus, Handwriting Skills, Speed Maths, English Smart, Kids Art, and Third Brain.

    However, the success of his method has crossed borders since its origin in India more than 19 years ago. However, it already has more than 5,000000 students in more than 39 different countries.

    Being a franchisee of this chain of educational centers implies a vocational commitment and a real opportunity to change the world through education. The main requirements to qualify for a franchise are having a clear educational vocation, a university degree, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

    In addition, it is a proven and fully profitable business model, a self-employment opportunity with a long-term project that offers double value, professional and human. The head office constantly accompanies the franchisee from the opening, continuous training, advice for the start-up of the premises, and non-refundable economic aid.

    Teaching centers with their system based on mathematics and reading

    The Aloha International franchise is the largest company dedicated to education in the world. Its innovative mathematics-based learning system is present in more than 5,500 centers on 350+ continents.

    Through the Aloha method, students develop confidence, concentration, responsibility, and study habits that will accompany them throughout their lives. This method, taught in a personalized way, develops the students’ learning potential to the maximum.

    The Aloha method was developed in 2002 raised as one of the biggest abacus training firms. Since then, the Aloha method has benefited more than 5 million students around the world.

    The preferential expansion areas of the Aloha franchise in India are Chennai, Gujrat, and the Valencian Community.

    Advantages of the Aloha franchise

    Training before signing the contract: the academy trains the candidate in the method to be taught in their classes and how to manage their business. The training lasts for eight weeks, and only after receiving it, the candidate signs the contract. It lets him know if Aloha is the right franchise before becoming a franchisee.

    Really low investment: You only have to pay an entrance fee of 1 lakhs INR. Subsequently, the franchisee will pay for the material with which the student works by delivering to the head office a percentage of the registration fees. And monthly payments received, 50% and 40%, respectively.

    • Subsidies for the start of the activity.
    • Franchisee Profile
    • University degree, with a vocation for education.

    People are looking for a self-employment option that allows them to reconcile their work-life with their personal life, carrying out a rewarding activity such as teaching.

    Professionals who decide to change jobs and professionals who have been out of work for a while and decide to return to the world of work.

    Business Description

    Aloha is the franchise of educational centers with a unique capacity to expand its concept among education professionals. Its teaching centers on their learning method that allows the maximum development of the student’s potential through these programs: Mental Arithmetic, Abacus, Handwriting Skills, Speed Maths, English Smart, Kids Art, and Third Brain.

    With a presence in 39 countries, Aloha has been in India for 20 years. And it has reached more than 350+ franchisees with its formula. It has fulfilled the dream of living what they are most passionate about.

    Being an Aloha franchisee is a real opportunity to invest, grow and have a profitable business in the education sector. It is also a solid self-employment option with a proven and fully profitable business model.

    Positive Points of the Aloha franchise

    Aloha international is a proven business concept, with more than 5,500 centers worldwide. It is an opportunity for the entrepreneur with a vocation for teaching. Also, it is a franchise with low investment and without large expenses.

    The Aloha franchise is responsible for the management of the center. It plays an important role as an educational counselor and performs business management tasks.

    Negative points of the Aloha franchise

    • You need to capture a good customer base.
    • Teachers need to be recruited.
    • Moderate return.
    • The activity requires a high degree of involvement, entrepreneurial attitude, and motivation to constantly learn. But having an Aloha center implies, above all, an important vocational commitment.

    What is the success of the Aloha International franchise?

    The Aloha teaching center franchise bases its success on teaching students to study in a self-taught way, mental arithmetic, English Smart, Handwriting Skills, Speed Maths, Kids Art, and Third Brain.

    Advantages of the Franchise

    • 100% exclusive methodology and materials.
    • The consolidated brand with more than 20 years of experience.
    • Self-employment business with high profitability.
    • Low investment.
    • Headquarters formed by a large team of professionals dedicated to serving the franchisee.
    • Helpful computer tools for business management and marketing.

    The Central Franchisor

    The head office offers the franchisee all the necessary support from the opening, with advice for the start-up of the premises and non-refundable economic aid. The center covers 70% of the center’s labeling costs and subsidizes 80% of the rent for the premises during the first year, with a maximum of 7 lacs and 60% during the second year.

    History of Aloha

    Created in Chennai, India, in 1993 founder of the company, the brand has more than 350+ franchises around the world and more than 230 in India.

    FAQ on Aloha India Franchise

    How many franchises does Aloha have?

    With a presence in 39 countries, Aloha has been in India for 20 years and has reached more than 350+ franchisees with its formula, who have fulfilled the dream of living what they are most passionate about. Being an Aloha franchisee is a real opportunity to invest, grow and have a profitable business in the education sector.

    How much does the Aloha course cost?

    Prices. The registration fee for Aloha is $500.00. Payment is a single payment provided that the student is not absent for more than one month a year. The monthly tuition at the Aloha Newton Center is $1,400.00 per subject.

    How good is the Aloha method?

    Aloha critics have a common argument: this method helps develop operational skills, that is, ease, agility, and speed to perform operations and procedures, but that does not mean that the student understands mathematics.

    Conclusion on Aloha India Franchise

    If you are truly passionate about education, Aloha International offers you a unique opportunity to run your own business while enjoying working directly with children. Once you become part of the Aloha coaching team, your coordinator will begin working with you to build your center while you prepare to begin training. We want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful. To do this, in addition to the initial three-week training, we will jointly develop a business plan and provide you with the support of our team. We will also contribute to your professional development with our continuous training.

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