8 Great Reasons Why Mobile Gaming Captivates Australians


Over the last couple of decades in Australia, having a mobile phone has gone from being a luxury to an everyday item, and most people don’t leave home without one these days. But as technology has advanced, these convenient devices have become much more than a means of portable communication.

Aside from connecting to social networks, one of the most popular uses for smartphones and tablets now revolves around gaming, creating a whole new buzz and entertainment niche for Aussies on the go. This is a country famed and respected for its love of gadgets and the latest technology, so let’s take a look how and why mobile gaming captivates the people Down Under.


The widespread availability of smartphones and tablets is clear to see in Australia, making access to gaming easily accessible to an expansive range of demographics. People of all ages can easily download and play mobile games on their devices, which means there’s no barrier to entry or trying anything that’s available, creating a much wider appeal.

Recent studies have shown that four out of five Australians are gamers, indicating this form of entertainment is far from niche. The average age of mobile gamers is 35 and they’re equally likely to be male or female, while 74% of people over the age of 65 also play regularly play games on smartphones or tablets.


One of the key reasons why mobile gaming has become so popular is convenience. Whereas consoles and home computers or even laptops have limited portability, players can enjoy playing mobile games from practically any location, using a pocket-sized handheld device.  

From the palm of their hands, Aussies can happily access their mobile games while travelling, enjoy quick gaming sessions during lunch breaks, and kill some time in cafes or bars. And once they’re done, that smartphone fits just as conveniently in their pocket or purse.

Diverse Game Library

The mobile gaming market offers an incredibly diverse variety of games, catering to all different tastes and preferences. From casual games like Candy Crush to complex titles like Fortnite, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.

Gaming and entertainment are increasingly intertwined, especially via mobile casino apps. These days, Australian mobile pokies cover every genre and themes of interest, and they are often designed with smartphone screens in mind, including unique features for handheld devices.

Social Connectivity

Many of the latest mobile games incorporate social features, allowing players to connect with friends, compete or collaborate, and even just chat while playing online. This social aspect has driven engagement and popularity.

Some of the leading mobile games developers encourage players to share in discussions, offer opinions and feedback, and participate in competitions or prize draws. These elements contribute to forging strong communities around some of the most popular titles.

Free-to-Play Model

Although downloading and playing certain mobile games requires an element of cost, whether it’s a one-off purchase or subscription, an increasing number of games now follow a “freemium” or “free-to-play” model.

Essentially, users can download and play the games for “free” as long as they want, but “premium” in-app purchases are also available, hence the “freemium” term. The concept revolves around encouraging a larger player base, while monetising a subset of those players, generating revenue for the game development.

Mobile Esports

The rapid growth of mobile esports has also contributed to its popularity. Within the space of just a few years, games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile have developed competitive scenes, attracting both players and viewers in their droves.

The biggest Australian esports association events now include mobile gaming, often run in tandem with main PC and console tournaments, and even as their own dedicated series of activities. Before too long, mobile esports could even become the biggest focus of events and tournaments.

Marketing and Promotion

Developers and publishers often use effective marketing and promotional strategies, focused specifically to reach Australian audiences, increasing awareness and interest in mobile gaming throughout the country.

One of the fastest growing entertainment niches Down Under, the mobile gaming market is expected to surpass revenues of $3.5 billion AUD by the end of 2023, which means developers and publishers are keen to market their apps to this booming audience.

Regular Updates

Many of the best mobile games receive frequent updates and new content, keeping players engaged and entertained, while ensuring that the games remain fresh and exciting. The ways that games are updated is also quite diverse.

Some developers publish continually rolling automatic updates, focusing on bug fixes and game tweaks or quality of life improvements, while others push out expansive additions featuring new gameplay options to enjoy. Both approaches tend to encourage loyalty and generate appreciation for popular apps.




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