Importance of PUC Certificate for Bike Insurance Renewal

    PUC Certificate

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    According to the Motor Vehicle Act, the Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC Certificate) is a mandatory document every vehicle owner in India must possess. It is a certificate that validates that the vehicle has good emission conditions and the owner can legally drive it on the road. PUC certificate is applicable to all types of motor vehicles, including two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

    A PUC certificate is not only necessary to get legal permission to ply on the road but also to buy or renew a car or bike insurance policy. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it mandatory that all general insurance companies should renew the bike insurance plans of their clients, be it comprehensive bike insurance or standalone own damage bike insurance, only when the policyholder produces an active PUC certificate.

    Here we will discuss PUC and its importance while renewing the bike insurance.

    What is a PUC Certificate for Bike?

    A Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate is a document attesting that a two-wheeler is strictly following the emission levels. It is issued by a government-approved emission centre. Usually, petrol pumps have these testing centres. They test the emission levels of a two-wheeler with the help of a gas analyser. The PUC certificate confirms that the percentage of carbon emission of the vehicle is within the allowed limit. It is made compulsory to check the contribution of a vehicle to pollution.  The motive behind introducing the PUC certificate is to ensure that all vehicle owners become aware of the environmental pollution issues and contribute towards lowering them.

    Contents of the PUC Certificate

    • Pollution test result that shows the measured value of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the exhaust.
    • A serial number assigned to the PUC certificate
    • The validity or expiry date of the certificate
    • Registration number of your bike
    • Date of the emission test

    Importance of PUC Certificate for Renewing Bike Insurance

    For the following reasons, it is compulsory for the owner of a two-wheeler to obtain and carry a valid PUC certificate while riding the vehicle.

    • The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 mandates that the bike owner carry a valid PUC certificate while taking a two-wheeler out on the road, otherwise, it is considered an offence. Without the document, you will be fined for violating the traffic rules.
    • The PUC certificate is made obligatory by the IRDAI for all types of bike insurance renewals.

    Validity of PUC Certificate

    You will get a pollution certificate when you buy a new bike and this is valid for a period of one year. After the expiry of the first one, you will have to get your bike tested at an emission centre. The PUC certificate they issue is valid for a period of six months. Hence, you will have to renew the certificate after every six months.

    Cost of PUC Certificate 

    When you take your vehicle to an authorised emission testing centre, they will charge you a nominal fee for conducting the test. This may vary from Rs.60 to RS.100. The cost may difer for each vehicle according to the fuel type.

    How to Obtain a PUC Certificate for Your Bike?

    Obtaining a new valid PUC certificate every time it expires is necessary for avoiding penalties imposed by the motor vehicle department for violating the law and traffic rules and renewing your bike insurance. Follow the below detailed steps to obtain a PUC certificate for your bike.

    • If your bike is a newly bought one, then your bike dealership will arrange the PUC certificate for the vehicle.
    • For getting a valid PUC certificate every time, it expires, you will have to take your bike to the nearest authorised emission testing centre. If you want to find a centre other than petrol pumps, check on the ‘Parivahan’ website to get the list of RTO-approved PUC centres.
    • After locating an emission testing centre, take your bike there and get it checked by the mechanic for carbon emission rate. They will insert an emission testing device into the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. It will check the emission levels of the bike.
    •  A PUC certificate for the bike will be issued for a nominal fee.

    Advantages of Having a Valid PUC Certificate for a Bike

    Some of the benefits of having an active PUC certificate are mentioned below.

    • You will be more conscious of air pollution and the need for environmental protection.
    • When your bike gets tested regularly for emission levels, you will be aware of the condition of your vehicle from time to time.
    • Obtaining a valid PUC certificate on time confirms that you are a responsible and law-abiding citizen.
    • A PUC certificate is mandatory for purchasing or renewing bike insurance.
    • Sometimes in case of major repairs, if you are availing of services of the network garage for a cashless bike insurance, they may ask you to provide your PUC certificate.


    A PUC certificate for a bike is equally important as the Registration certificate and driving license. It is also a relevant document needed for bike insurance policies. So, every time you go for renewing your comprehensive bike insurance, make sure you carry the PUC certificate along with other required documents.

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