A Complete Guide to Becoming a Health Insurance Agent: All You Need to Know

Health Insurance Agent

The importance of health insurance has never been more apparent than after the pandemic. As more and more people demand reliable health coverage to protect the interests of themselves and their loved ones, so has the opportunity for individuals to embark on a career as a health insurance agent.

However, this does not mean that someone should become a health insurance agent purely for the benefits, as this job comes with a great responsibility to help people get the best protection they need to fight these risks. In this guide, we will explore the role of a health insurance agent, its responsibilities, and how you can become one in 2024.

What is an insurance agent?

An insurance agent deals with potential customers to sell them insurance products based on their needs and requirements. They understand the customer’s pain points and provide solutions through the type of insurance they deal in. For example, a health insurance agent specialises in selling health-related policies.

There are also other responsibilities and differing roles based on the type of agent one is. There are two kinds of agents: the first one is an exclusive agent who works for only a single insurance provider, and the second is an independent agent who is free to sell policies from any number of insurance providers.

What does an agent do?

Here are an agent’s primary roles and responsibilities based on these types.

  1. An agent is responsible for listening to the customer, understanding their needs, and offering the best solution through an insurance product.
  2. An agent must have an in-depth knowledge of the policies they are dealing with and explain them to the customer, including the policy terms, coverages, process for claims, etc.
  3. They must sometimes offer post-sales customer support.
  4. They must also offer their buyers accurate and responsible financial advice.
  5. Some insurers allow agents to customise plans and offer better tailor-made coverage to the customer.

What are the requirements and the steps to become an agent?

Becoming an agent in India is quite simple due to the low barrier to entry. Most people are qualified to become agents; if they just invest some time, they can become licensed and start working as one.

Here are the eligibility requirements and the steps you can follow to start on your journey as an insurance agent health

Eligibility Criteria

  • They must be at least 18 years old.
  • Depending on where they are from, they must complete their secondary or senior secondary education.
  • They must possess an Aadhaar Card and a PAN Card.
  • They must also complete mandatory training for a set period.
  • They must also attempt and pass a simple prescribed examination.

Step-by-step guide to becoming an agent

  1. Identify an insurance company you would like to work for in the near future. I have been working as an insurance agent for Niva Bupa for the last five years and recommend them to anyone looking to become an agent in insurance.
  2. Visit Niva Bupa’s website, fill out a form on the ‘Become an Agent’ page, and submit it.
  3. After this, you should be able to complete your mandatory practical training with the insurance provider and start preparing for the compulsory examination.
  4. After clearing the examination and getting the license, you can start working with the organisation as an agent.


A health insurance agent plays a significant role in helping individuals secure their health and ensure the well-being of themselves and their loved ones. While becoming an agent might be simple, it still carries with it the expectations and hopes of hundreds of customers you might deal with. By following the above steps, you too can help people avail the optimum health services while making use of the boom in the insurance industry.

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