The benefits of battery chargers and rechargeable batteries


Having a battery charger and rechargeable batteries has plenty of advantages that can save you money in the long run.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have rechargeable batteries in many of our devices and electronics – not just at home for items like torches, toys, and remote control cars, but also in office electronics, too. This shift to rechargeable batteries has multiple benefits:

You don’t have to keep buying new batteries all the time: This is the most obvious benefit of having a rechargeable battery. Once you have bought the initial charger and battery pack, you can simply recharge the battery when it runs out of power, rather than having to go out and buy a new one. This can save you a lot of money in the long-term.

We decided to test a number of conventional Battery charger, to see the effect they had on our day-to-day lives, to see if they really are more convenient and cost-effective than disposable batteries. Not only are rechargeable batteries more efficient and cheaper, but they are also better for the environment. Rechargeable batteries will save you time when you’re looking for a new set of AAAs to pop into your toddler’s latest toy. So here are the main reasons why rechargeable batteries are a great choice for your charging needs.

  • Rechargeable batteries are:
  • More efficient
  • Cheaper
  • Better for the environment

1. They’re just more convenient

Rechargeable batteries are a convenient and easy way to power your devices. With a simple battery charger, you can easily recharge your batteries so they’re always ready to go. Battery chargers come in a variety of designs, and they’re always evolving to be more convenient, reliable, easy to use, and durable. Some battery chargers can charge a variety of different types of batteries, which is handy given the many different types of batteries we all use. Additionally, battery chargers can now charge in a number of ways: through a wall outlet, a USB port, or even a car port.

2. Rechargeable batteries perform better

Rechargeable batteries use 1.2 volts of energy constantly while in use, whereas disposable batteries start at 1.5 volts but progressively get lower until they die. By using rechargeables, you get peak performance at all times – even when the “low battery” signal comes on. Some chargers provide a ‘refresh mode’ which drains the batteries before fully charging them again; this function ensures that you always get the best performance and longest life out of your batteries.

3. They’re better for the environment

Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries are more eco-friendly than nickel cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries, but both are still better than disposable batteries in terms of reducing waste. Rechargeable batteries can be reused hundreds of times after being charged with a battery charger, which is more energy efficient than making new batteries from scratch. This not only saves energy but also reduces the amount of waste produced.

4. They can save you time

Having a set of rechargeable batteries and a charger at home can save you time and hassle instead of having to constantly run to the store or battery section every time you need new batteries. Simply put the charged batteries in your devices and stick the dead ones on the charger. Even if you don’t have extra recharged batteries, in as little as 15 minutes you could have your batteries fully charged again – which is much quicker than it would take to get to the store, purchase new batteries, and get home to use them.

5. It saves you loads of money

The transformation to using a battery charger with rechargeable batteries may seem like an unwise investment at first, but if you consider it in the long term, it’s actually quite beneficial. Rechargeable batteries can be used more than 500 times before they need to be replaced. This means that you would only need to buy one pack of batteries instead of 500. In the long run, rechargeable batteries are definitely worth the initial investment.

Rechargeable batteries and the initial battery charger can be costly, but there are some fairly inexpensive options that will work just fine. For as low as $10 you can get a battery charger with a built-in timer which protects your rechargeable batteries and extends their life.

There are several things you should take into account when purchasing a battery charger for your rechargeable batteries, which are detailed in our side-by-side comparison of battery chargers. No matter which batteries and battery charger you choose, you can be confident that it is a wise investment. In addition to the convenience and environmental friendliness of using rechargeable batteries, they could save you hundreds of dollars each year over their lifetime.


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