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Thinking of moving homes?

America has over 50 states, from Alabama to Wyoming. So, there are several options to choose from when relocating. 

Regrettably, most of these districts have more to offer than others. So, before choosing a preferred state, it is important to know what these states offer. 

What are the 10 best States to Live in America?

1. Washington

The only state that takes after the nation’s capital, Washington state is incredibly famous for its beautiful landscape and sceneries. This alone makes Washington a most desirable relocation destination, with the net immigration topping 40,500 in 2020 to over 83,300 between 2021 and 2022. That’s not all. 

Washington boasts of some friendliest neighborhoods, from Fremont, Montlake, and North Admiral in Seattle to Belleview, Redmond, Tacoma, Brainbridge Island, and Spokane. 

Besides this, Washington state has a massive growing job market hub in healthcare, technology, farming, agriculture, aeroscope, and even finance. It houses over 10 Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, and Paccar. 

Things to Know About Washington

  • Healthcare: 5
  • Infrastructure: 21
  • Quality of Life: 2
  • Opportunities:15

2. New Hampshire

According to the US News and World Report’s list, New Hampshire is the second-best US state to live in. This is due to its high quality of life, zero sales tax policy, flourishing job market, beautiful sceneries, unique towns, and welcoming neighborhood. People also love this district because of its interesting outdoor lifestyle and safe environment. 

What to Know About New Hampshire

  • Healthcare: 7
  • Infrastructure: 17
  • Quality of Life: 37
  • Opportunities: 13

3. Minnesota

Minnesota ranks third on this list of best states to live in 2022 thanks to its GDP, which places it 6th in the world, right between Qatar and Ireland. 

However, the most alluring features of Minnesota are its diverse industries, from manufacturing to mining, forestry, healthcare, and agriculture. Minnesota’s poverty rate ranks third lowest in America at 9.5%, and the median household income is slightly above the nation’s average. 

Things to Know About Minnesota

  • Economy: 13
  • Education: 12
  • Healthcare: 10
  • Infrastructure: 24
  • Quality of Life: 16

4. Utah

Utah is another best place to live in the US for several reasons. 

Utah has a memorable national park that gets residents talking after a visit. The job market is booming, so residents have a high quality of life. Utah’s real estate market is income fetching. The district also has a flat tax rate of 4.95%. Still, when it comes to outdoor fun, Winter offers several sporting options, from snowboarding to skiing. Residents enjoy a mixture of specialty cuisines from all over the world, and the economy is diversified. 

Things to Know About Utah

  • Economy: 6
  • Healthcare: 26
  • Infrastructure: 13
  • Opportunities: 6

5. Vermont

Unlike most states, Vermont has only slightly topped the list of best states to live in USA, but this year, CNBC ranks Vermont as one of the best places to live in 2022, and for good reasons. 

According to CBNC, Vermont is a place with good air quality and healthcare. CBNC also praises Vermont to be a place with access to childcare and where residents can exercise their vote. Besides this, CBNC tags Vermont as a charming state. 

Things to Know About Vermont

  • Healthcare: 1
  • Infrastructure: 18
  • Quality of Life: 22
  • Opportunities: 12

6. Maryland

Like other best states to live in the US, many factors make Maryland a good place for relocation. 

Maryland is also a good place to live in the US thanks to its booming economy, affordable lifestyle, access to good education and healthcare, exceptional quality of life, and low crime rate. A survey by WalletHub ranks Maryland 17th in an article featuring the top 20o states to live in the US. (modafinil)  

Things to Know About Maryland

  • Healthcare: 8
  • Infrastructure: 2
  • Quality of Life: 23
  • Opportunities: 30

7. Virginia

With its central location on the east coast, Virginia will be a good place to relocate for nature and history buffs. 

Here, residents experience the beach and mountain lifestyle while engaging their adventure senses. Virginia also takes pride in its booming economy, advanced educational offerings, and diverse culture. 

Things to Know About Virginia

  • Crime and safety: 7
  • Education: 17
  • Healthcare: 17
  • Infrastructure: 3
  • Quality of Life: 15
  • Massachusetts

Massachusetts is another good place to live in. It’s no wonder the district ranks first in a new report by WalletHub. According to this report, Massachusetts is a place with a good economy, healthcare system, education, safety, high quality of life, and affordable housing cost.

More than this, Massachusetts has a low poverty rate thanks to the high population of its residents insured and high-income growth rate. 

Things to Know About Massachusetts

  • Education: 1
  • Healthcare: 4
  • Infrastructure: 12
  • Quality of Life: 6
  • Opportunities: 19


Located in the heart of America, Nebraska is a place that boasts amazing climate conditions and fun outdoor activities all year round. 

However, the most striking characteristics that make Nebraska a good place to live in are its overall high quality of life, cheap housing prices, high-income jobs, and the great job market. 

Things to Know About Nebraska

  • Crime and Safety: 18
  • Economy: 9
  • Education: 5
  • Infrastructure: 19

9. Colorado

Few states in the US offer relaxing weather conditions, but Colorado can pull it off. The district also takes pride in its incredible landscape views, access to endless job opportunities for newcomers, fun outdoor adventure, sports culture, and love for craft beer. Colorado is also a place where healthcare is a priority. 

Things to Know About Colorado

  • Economy: 8
  • Healthcare: 15
  • Infrastructure: 10
  • Quality of Life: 17
  • Opportunities: 19


Every US state has a population of over 1 million, but that does not mean they won’t provide any unique offerings that make them stand out. Movers from Chicago to Florida find the small communities of Florida welcoming. Yet, Washington, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Colorado are the top 10 best US states that offer new residents a higher quality of life.  

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