Blockchain casinos: future and prospects


Aspects of blockchain casinos

People have always played games of chance: in primitive caves by firelight, watching the trembling shadows on the walls; at the fairgrounds, to the shouts, he touted in a close crowd of onlookers; on interstate steamships, allowing the illicit drink-drinking public to escape the wrath of the authorities; during a lunch break in the office, choosing a casino on the smartphone screen at and placing a bid.

Online casinos and gambling sites such as Fairspin offer their users all types of gambling: roulette, card games, sports betting, and any other events, lotteries, and many others. Online gambling is developing dynamically: revenues and the number of players are growing; all new enterprises appear on the market; classic offline casinos turn to remote services; technologies, appearing and spreading among users, also feed the gaming industry.

But it cannot be said that the existence of gambling on the Internet is completely cloudless and has no difficulties. One of the main problems is legal restrictions. ( The approach to regulating the gambling business and its online direction, in particular, differs in different states: from simple and relatively easy licensing procedures in some countries to prohibition of registration of online casinos in others. The cross-border nature of the global network plays into the hands of entrepreneurs – obtaining a license in one of the loyal jurisdictions allows you to easily offer gaming services to users around the world.

Another problem is the control over the movement of user funds by payment systems and banks. Since online gambling is unimaginable without online payments, players may encounter obstacles from anti-fraud and AML systems that analyze the content and direction of transfers in countries where legislation is quite severe on gambling.

History of online crypto gambling

Gambling is considered one of the oldest traditions of mankind, regardless of culture or civilization. There are cases of gambling in the Roman Republic, ancient Egypt, ancient China, and even Northern Europe.

There are many examples of games dating back to the dawn of human civilization. In Rome, heads and tails were invented: there are biblical references to the fact that the imperial guards cast lots to win the clothes of Jesus. In ancient China, there was a lottery game known as keno, which is said to have even been used to finance the construction of the Great Wall.

The first modern gaming house was opened in Venice as early as 1638 under the auspices of the great council of the city. The word casino itself comes from the Italian casa, which means house. The first legal casino in Las Vegas was opened in 1931.

The first online gambling game was launched in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda passed a law legalizing online gambling. In 1996, there were already at least 10 websites offering roulette or poker games. The first cryptocurrency online casinos appeared shortly after bitcoin in 2010. In 2013, for the first time, an online casino was sold to an anonymous client for the price of 126,315 bitcoins.

Advantages and disadvantages of online casino

Online gambling has undeniable advantages:

  • ease of user access to games;
  • lower costs for launching projects for entrepreneurs;
  • a greater variety of games and services within one site;
  • there is no limit on the number of simultaneously playing;
  • the process of betting and receiving winnings is easier.

However, online gambling is not without its drawbacks:

  • the absence of the atmosphere of a gambling hall, specially created by the owners of traditional casinos;
  • there is no contact with other players and personnel of gambling establishments, which is necessary for many users;
  • distrust on the part of players (often not unfounded) to online casino algorithms, suspicion of dishonest play;
  • possible difficulties when using bank accounts to pay for games;
  • often transfers to a wallet or account of gambling sites and in the opposite direction (to users) can lead to additional and very high commissions.

Traffic arbitrage in blockchain casino

That is why making money in a crypto casino can be more profitable and easier than in comparison with usual gambling.

  • Legally, the game goes to virtual “wrappers”, therefore, from the point of view of the law, both the players and you are calm.
  • A convenient way to deposit money for players. This is especially important for those countries where Paypal is in use, known for its draconian rules.
  • Wrappers are not money. Therefore, income is not taxed for players, since it (from the point of view of the law) is not.
  • Anonymity without reference to registered means of payment.
  • Much wider geo coverage.
  • The webmaster can also withdraw money to the usual systems such as Webmoney, Epayments, etc. It depends on the conditions of the CPA network you work with. This makes it easier and more convenient to work.
  • Players receive their money on order – instantly.

For traffic arbitrage, crypto casinos provide an excellent opportunity to spud those geos where the usual format is banned or restricted. Thus, you can get rid of competition in top GEOs, where everyone pours anyway.

Security and fast payouts

Here, security is ensured in the transfer of funds and payments – in terms of publicity of data. The only information that the system itself knows directly is email and wallet number. And all this in this case is impersonal, which is very attractive to the players themselves. Unlike the usual payment methods, where there may be delays of up to several days, the cryptocurrency arrives almost instantly. Won – immediately received.

Crypto casino competition

The level of competition in traffic arbitration among webmasters is much lower. Someone does not want to climb into an unfamiliar niche and does not want to experiment. Some people think this direction is too tricky, although it is absolutely identical, with the exception of obvious advantages.

Although the direction itself has been successfully developing over the past few years, there is no strong competition here. The feeling that everyone is watching. Although in gambling, including on the crypt, the turnover is over 110,000,000,000 dollars.

It must be understood that cryptocurrency has become a reality and an everyday part of our lives. So why wait until the laws recognize it as real money with all the ensuing consequences?


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