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SAFe is a predominantly used framework in larger organizations today as it enables organizations to work differently. The framework improves the speed of project delivery with uncompromised quality while establishing effective collaboration. SAFe helps organizations build a future with greater certainty. As organizations tend to leverage the benefits of Agile using SAFe, there is a great demand for certified professionals. You can upskill your SAFe knowledge and kick-start your career by completing these high-paying SAFe certifications.

What is SAFe certification?

SAFe, abbreviated as scaled agile framework, is popularly used for delivering efficient projects as per stakeholder requirements. The SAFe certifications are a way to assess the skills and knowledge of the professionals seeking career advancement in the SAFe environment. Having certifications will demonstrate your skill to manage projects with a higher degree of agility. If you are looking to advance your career by earning the SAFe certification, here is a list you should check on.

Highest-paying SAFe Certifications You Should Know

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager

SAFe POPM certification enables you to understand the Product Owner/Product Manager’s job responsibilities in the organization. The product owner will learn to develop a strategy for a customer-centric approach in the SAFe framework and deliver the project meeting stakeholder requirements. The course embosses the skills needed to decompose epics into features and then into stories. The certified product manager will be responsible for the collaboration of the agile teams to prioritize work to deliver maximum value. The certification is the right choice for program managers, scrum masters, IT managers, agile coaches, and product owners.

 SAFe Release Train Engineer

SAFe RTE Certification course is a three-day course developed to help the participants understand the roles of release train engineers. They are servant leaders for the agile release train. They will be responsible for assisting the teams in delivering value. RTEs will be communicating with stakeholders and escalate impediments to the team aiming for relentless improvements. The course teaches the professionals about learning and executing the SAFe. It imparts skills needed to coach the teams and scrum masters to comprehend their roles and responsibilities in the organization. The certification will teach you about how to improve PI planning and other SAFe events.

SAFe Architect

The SAFe architect course is designed for agile coaches, scrum masters, architects, agile trainers, and system architects. SAFe architects are one of the trio leaders in the organization. The three leaders, RTE, product managers, and architects, work together to guide agile release teams and deliver continuous workflow. During the course program, you will learn to align architecture with business value. The certification programs expose you to guidance and tools to work with the distributed teams effectively. You will learn a way to develop the software continuously and lead the teams during PI planning and execution.

SAFe practice consultant

SPC certification is for the people who have completed SAFe implementation. The growing demand for agile coaches and trainers has made SPC one of the high-paying SAFe certifications. Organizations hire professionals to handle the transformational journey successfully. The certification helps you gain the skills needed to lead large agile scale transformation while managing the stakeholders at all levels.

SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager

The SAFe lean portfolio manager certification is the right choice for program/project managers, release train engineers, and any senior role that is involved in strategy and investment funding. The SAFe lean portfolio manager plays a key role in the scaled agile framework. The LPM approach enables you to collaborate across teams, empower them, and organize around to meet the stakeholder requirements. The certification course helps the professionals to stay flexible in adjusting initiatives and budgets aligning to market needs. The LPM certification offers guidance and tools needed to work efficiently in remote environments and cross-functional teams. You will learn to adapt to the changes aligning with the funding vision and roadmap.

SAFe Scrum Master

SAFe scrum master certification is the right choice for project managers and scrum masters, RTEs, team leads, and architects. The certification enables scrum masters to deliver high business value at scale. You will be mastering the role of the scrum master at the organizational level. The certification course teaches you to plan and execute program increments at scale successfully. It is a 16-hour course designed to enable learners to plan and implement program increments successfully. You will learn the technical skills to play the role of a skilled scrum master in the SAFe organization. You will get guidance and explore the tools to work in a remote environment with cross-functional teams. The certification is for you If you want to empower yourself with the skills needed to succeed in the scaled agile environment.

How does SAFe certification update your skills?

Many big organizations have witnessed increased ROI by using the SAFe framework. On completing SAFe certifications, you will learn to handle the projects with high agility successfully.

Handle agile adoption challenges.

Agile is quite successful when it is adopted in small teams. The real challenge occurs when you try to scale it at the enterprise level. The SAFe certifications will give you the skills and tools needed to scale agile processes at the enterprise level.

Successful SAFe implementation

SAFe certification gives you enough skills to implement a uniform agile approach among the cross-functional teams in a larger enterprise. You will be able to help the team adopt consistent approaches to enhance product quality and architecture.

Understand roles in the new agile environment.

Scaling agile at the enterprise level needs the creation of new roles. SAFe courses mitigate the confusion about creating new roles and help the existing and new team members adopt a new agile mindset. Only certifications will help the managers, team members, and product managers to understand their new roles.

Bring consistency at all levels.

SAFe certification gives you the training needed to implement agile practices across the organization. After certification, you will earn the skills required to establish and maintain a consistent strategy across the organization.


The scaled agile framework has been around the market for a long time. SAFe certifications will increase the credibility of the professionals as well as the organization. The certifications help the employees handle the complexities of the SAFe framework at the enterprise level. Many large enterprises use the SAFe framework in the organization, allowing large teams to function efficiently. Different SAFe certifications pave the way for successful career paths as they stand as verification for your ability to work in an SAFe-enabled environment.




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