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Designing the interior of the apartment is not only interesting but also quite an important thing. If you are looking for a unique and splendid design style, then learn more about the Art Deco style and how to bring Art Deco flair to your home. 

Art Deco Interior Design Explained

Art Deco interior design style originated in France in the first half of the 20th century.  

The style got its name from the French exhibition of 1925, the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. Art Deco is a blend of neoclassicism and Art Nouveau, which was influenced by futurism, cubism, and constructivism.

 Two decades later, the Art Deco style became popular in Europe and influenced all decorative arts.  For a long time,  Deco was associated with luxury, and only bohemians could afford it. This is probably why after the Second World War the style was almost forgotten. But then Art Deco began to revive again. Today this style experiences a resurgence and inspires interior designers all over the world.

Key Features Of Art Deco Interior Design

  1. Chic and luxury, which are noticeable at first glance at the room. That’s why Art Deco is often used to design spacious houses and apartments.
  2. Modern and expensive materials.
  3. Rich color palette.
  4. Intricate lines and patterns: geometric, chevron patterns, abstract designs, sweeping curves. 
  5. Ethnic motifs.
  6. Unusual shapes, for example, stepped triangular, trapezoidal ones. 
  7. Use of snakeskin, zebra skin, aluminum, ivory, rare woods, marble, natural stone, glass, ceramics, and steel.
  8. Use of luxurious textiles, unusual paintings, and ceramic vases in the interior.

Abstract, geometric, interesting animalistic, and floral designs and patterns are relevant to the Art Deco style. In general, it is everything that attracts attention and mesmerizes. And if you study the photos of the interiors, then you can realize that the furniture is simply gorgeous, as if stolen from the mansion of a count or a very influential and rich man. This impression is created due to the impressive size and elegant shapes. Massive furniture with rounded corners, made of wood (especially cabinet furniture) is preferred. Lacquering, carvings, metal coatings, glass or silver finishes, leather upholstery, and other elements of luxury and chic are welcome.

How To Incorporate Art Deco Style Into Your Home? 

If you decide to choose the Art Deco style and embody it in the interior of a house or apartment, read the following tips. 

  1. The living room can become the brightest place in the room. Cover the walls with fabric beige wallpaper. On the free wall is a TV, and on the other walls hang unusual paintings. Yes, modern art Deco-inspired interior can include modern devices such as TV and laptop to play lightening roulette. Let the floor be covered with brown parquet. In the center of the room is a large white leather sofa, spread on it with red and yellow cushions. In front of the sofa, place a white carpet with a long pile.
  2. The bedroom should be cozy and comfortable, yet luxurious and rich. Choose a wooden bed with a massive headboard decorated with glass or mirror elements. Let the wallpaper and ceiling be white, and the floor sandy.  Next to the bed place a bedside table made of wood and decorated with forged elements. Do not forget about a massive wooden cabinet. And be sure to put a tall trundle, placing a round pouf near it.
  3. The kitchen in the Art Deco style will look harmonious with modern and expensive appliances with metal or chrome surfaces. The tabletop can be made of natural stone. In the middle, place a round or oval table and fabric-covered chairs with metal legs. And don’t forget to decorate this room with vases and candle holders. The ideal colors for the kitchen are pastel.

Let your home become a center of luxury and wealth with the Art Deco design interior!


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