Building A Guest House: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Building A Guest House

Are you thinking of stretching the value and usefulness of your property or home? A guest house may be the best way to get extra income from your property. It is a fantastic way to earn extra income. It may seem like an investment only a few can pull. In actuality, putting up a guest house is more or less like a home improvement initiative. It can take as much time and cost as a home improvement project. You can opt to build it from scratch or improve an existing home. While doing so, avoid the following building mistakes.- Building A Guest House

Using Ready-Made Plans 

Don’t rely on ready-made plans when building a guest house. You should prioritize the comfortability of your guests. Trends come and go. Going for a ready-made plan because it’s trendy may seem like a good idea. However, you should not ignore the budget and your requirements for a trend that would not last. Customize the plan to accommodate changes you may anticipate in the future. Better still, instead of the hassle of looking for a plan, building permits, and dealing with different building contractors, consider remodeling your home or an existing house structure and make it a guest house. You can convert any home or property into a fully equipped guest house t if you work with a qualified home remodel professional

Poor Floor and Space Planning 

A guest house should provide comfortable and easier maneuverability for your guests. But don’t trade off privacy for easier maneuverability. Remember, the spaces in the guest house will most likely be on the smaller side to accommodate as many guests as you can. You will have to carefully choose a floor plan that creates an impression of a bigger space. You also need to think of how you’ll provide enough storage solutions for your guest without eating into the available floor space. Work alongside a building or a home remodeling professional to maximize the floor space and create enough storage solutions for your guest.  

Poorly Lit Guest House

Poorly lit spaces feel lifeless. You’d want your guests to enjoy the ambiance of your guesthouse, feel safe and comfortable. You need to find ways to ensure all the rooms get enough natural and artificial light. The lighting choices you make should brighten all the spaces. It should also enhance the ambiance and the appeal of your guest house. If you’re remodeling an existing home, think of adding floor-to-ceiling windows. Go with lighting and light fixtures that add an exquisite touch to all the spaces in the guest house. Make sure all your guests can easily access a light control. Work with a home remodel or building professional to light up your guesthouse in the right way. 


Before jumping into the building or remodeling process, you need to be meticulous about the whole process. Learn the codes, laws, and regulations that touch the building of guest houses. Don’t forget to get in touch with the homeowners association, an attorney, and a city planner. Look into the local and zoning laws governing guest houses and accessory dwelling units. Get the necessary permits and ensure you’ve taken care of every little detail before laying a foundation for your guest house. You need to make sure all the contracts are drafted and signed. The contracts should capture all the deliverables. Don’t forget to create a contingency plan.

Being Passive During the Building Process

Although it’s not advisable to run the project by yourself, don’t be passive throughout the building or remodeling process. Decide on the kind of material, design, color palette, roofing, etc. you need for the guest house. Be involved and keenly watch the process from start to finish. Work alongside your builder. Don’t let the builder decide everything. Let them guide you on the best building material, design, and so forth. Make sure everything meets your expectations. 


Generally, putting up a guest house is a good option if you want to increase the value of your property. Be involved in the process and let your builder guide you. As much as it is good to consider the advice of your builder, the ultimate decision and choice lie on you.  



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