What Do You Need to Know about Outlook Data File Corruption?

Data File Corruption

PST and OST are the two primary types of MS Outlook data files. OST is known as Offline Storage Table, which is one type of MS Outlook data file that will allow you to work offline while you’re not attached to the internet. The OST files can be synced with the alternations of the MS Exchange Server. – Data File Corruption

OST data files can be used by IMAP accounts and Exchange accounts that can store different types of synced copies of your MS Outlook mailbox information on your hard drive. You can still access all of the email contents, contacts, and calendar data even if your device is in mode. 

On the other hand, the PST files, also known as a personal storage table, is also one type of data storage file format of the MS Outlook that is capable of copying calendar entries, messages, and journals on your local hard drive. The information in the mailbox is often stored in the PST files. 

Signs of MS Outlook Data Corruption 

Even though the PST files are stable and don’t get damaged easily, they might face corruption for a few different reasons. Therefore, you need to watch for the signs of a corrupted outlook. When the PST files are corrupted, they will undoubtedly impact the functionality of the mailbox while also preventing you from accessing your mailbox items such as attachments, emails, notes, contacts, and many more. 

Like this, you can also face different types of errors while working with the OST files. However, the OST files are much more prone to corruption than that PST files. Here are some following issues that will help you know if the Outlook data file is suffering from corruption. 

  • The MS Outlook application crashes frequently. 
  • The contents of the email cannot be synced with Outlook.com. 
  • MS Outlook fails to work after restarting. 
  • MS Outlook data files cannot be accessed. 
  • The folders cannot be opened. 
  • MS Outlook PST files cannot be opened. 
  • Email contents such as contact, calendar, notes, and other essential items cannot be accessed.

As you see, multiple errors can surface if the PST files are corrupted. To solve this problem, your responsibility is to determine the reasons behind them. 

Primary Reasons Why the Outlook Data File Corrupts?

Many factors can cause the MS Outlook data files to corrupt. Corruption can be divided into two categories. 

Hardware Reasons 

The hardware is one of the most common causes behind the MS Outlook data file corruption including the improper configuration of both external and internal components, malfunctioning failure, and other issues related to the hardware such as power supply, hard disk, and network connections. Here are some hardware-related issues that you need to keep in mind. 

Unstable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is one of the most parts of the synching process. If your computer has an unstable or poor internet connection while you’re processing the syncs, it could cause the PST files to corrupt. This situation takes place when the PST data files of your MS Outlook application are stored on the network drive. The same case is also applicable to the OST files. Therefore, you need to check the internet connection of your computer if you’re facing MS Outlook data file corruption. As per Xxpert, fast internet comes with greater security

Damaged Hard Drive 

Sometimes, the hard disk that contains the PST and OST files of your MS Outlook gets corrupted. When the hard disk is corrupted, the PST and OST files will be corrupted as well. If you think that the hard drive of your computer is working slower, there are many reasons for bugs and faulty hardware systems. Remember that the abnormal performance of the local storage device will create Outlook data file corruption. 

Faulty Sectors on Hard Disk 

This is one of the most common reasons for PST and OST data file corruption. The issues associated with corruption will take place if a small part of the data files is stored in the sector that has been turned into something that can aid in Outlook corruption. If you’re facing random PST file corruption as well as disk performance problems, you need to conduct a surface test so that you can determine whether your hard disk contains bad sectors or not. Make sure you follow the proper guide so that you can prevent the bad sectors in the hard disk from affecting your PST and OST files. 

Sudden Power Outrage

The sudden power outage is undoubtedly a problematic situation for the system as well as the software items that are installed in the computers. When your system faces an unexpected power outage, it will result in hardware failure as well as a disk crash. If the dark disk is crashed, the PST and OST files that are contained in the hard disk will also be vulnerable to corruption. 


This is everything you need to know regarding Outlook data file corruption. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 



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