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fortnox login

Fortnox is suitable for small and medium-sized companies and has solutions for all types of companies. If you are thinking about login Fortnox, this article is for you. Below we have made a guideline about Fortnox login.

What is Fortnox?

Fortnox is a Swedish company with headquarters in Växjö, founded in 2001 and was the first player in Sweden to start with cloud-based accounting. Since the start, the company has grown significantly, and today Fortnox is Sweden’s most used cloud-based financial system online with over 380,000 customers.

fortnox login

Login to Fortnox

To log in to the entire Fortnox range of modules and apps, we have now moved Fortnox out of MittKontor. Here you will require to log in:

  1. You must use Google Chrome when you sign in to Fortnox.
  2. Login via or as before via the link in MittKontor.
  3. Log in with BankID (recommended) or username and password.
  4. Your username should be your first name @ userID (Your consultant can obtain UserID from your consultant if you do not have access to it yourself).
  5. Further down, you can see how you can access your username yourself if you log in with MobiltBankID.
  6. You will also see how you can extend the time you are logged in before you are logged out.

Login with BankID

When logging in with BankID, no one-time code will receive. So if you want to use this method instead, you need to ensure your social security number, which you entered into your user account. You can also handle under the company name and Login information and under Manage users if you are a system administrator. To log in to Fortnox follow the instruction below:

  1. Log in to,
  2. Select Log in with BankID at the bottom,
  3. Fill in your social security number
  4. Then start BankID and enter your code.
  5. You are now logged in and can start working in the program.

Login with SMS authentication

If you have SMS authentication activated in your account, you will not be affected by the new two-step verification.

SMS authentication settings

  1. Click on the company name at the top right,
  2. Select Login details.
  3. Fill in your Mobile number
  4. Select YES in the field SMS authentication.
  5. Click Save.

fortnox login

Log in with SMS authentication.

When you have filled in your login information on, they will send an SMS to the mobile number specified on your user. When you have filled in the code in the Disposable field code, you log in and start working in the program. More about this source:

  • History
  • Saved
  • Side panels
  • Send feedback
  • Contribute

Two or more companies

  • If you only have one company, you will go directly to your company.
  • Or, if you have several companies, you will be entered into the accounting if you log in with a password.
  • Also, if you log in with BankID, you will, in step two, choose which one you want to log in to.
  • Finally, if you don’t want to come in, you must contact your consultant.
  • Log in with MobiltBankID then you can choose which company you want in step two.

Troubleshooting guide

When I try to log in with BankID, do I see more users on myself?

The reason why this can occur is that your social security number appears on several entries in the personnel register, e.g., if you have been employed on several occasions or changed the form of employment. You will notice this when you have logged in with BankID and see that your name appears several times in the list but with different employment numbers.

If you know which employment number is relevant for your current employment, click on that line. Then a user is created up to you, and you see the correct salary statement in the program. If you happen to click on the wrong user in the list, you will see your old payslips. See the next step below for how to resolve this issue.

Change login details

Click on your company name in the upper right and select Login details to change your login details. To change another user’s login credentials, follow the instruction below:

  • You must be an application administrator and click on the company name,
  • Then select Manage Users.
  • Enter the view below, where you can see, change and delete usernames and passwords.

User name

Enter a username here. The numbers after @ are linked to the company. You cannot change the username if you are logged in to the program via BankID.


Enter the user’s name. That will be visible in the program’s history and pre-selected as a reference when creating invoices and the like.

Social security number

Enter your social security number if you want to use BankID when, for example, logging in and signing payments, etc.


You must provide a valid email address. If desired, that will send various notices from the program to this address and a new password if needed.

Mobile number

Enter a mobile number, too, among other things, use SMS authentication when logging in, and receive notifications from the program if desired.


Here you can enter your password or let the program generate a new password. You can not change the password if you have logged in to the program with BankID.

SMS authentication

If you activate the SMS authentication, you will receive a code to the specified mobile number every time the user logs in to Fortnox. It will thus be an extra step when logging in to the programs to increase security.


Here you choose if you want the program in Swedish or English.

Automatic logout

Here you select how long the user can be inactive in the program before you automatically log out.

Disable users

If you have a user who will not work in the programs for a while, you can select NO in the Active setting. Then the user information and permissions will remain, but it will not be possible to log in with the user’s knowledge. All users who will work in the programs must have the status Active.

Login security

To increase the security of your Fortnox account, we are now introducing two-step verification. That means that you log in from each new device (computer, tablet, or mobile phone). You will receive a one-time code sent to your email address. After this, we will consider your device as trusted, and you will not have to go through this procedure again shortly.

Important with the correct email address

Therefore, you must have the correct email address specified on your Fortnox user so that you can receive the email. Ensure this under Login information, which you will find under the company name at the top right.

If you are a system administrator, you handle other users’ tasks under the Manage users’ menu option.

Possible problems and solutions with two-step verification:

  • You must enter a code each time you log in from the same device.
  • That may be because you use your browser in so-called private mode (also called incognito mode). Because all files in the browser are then automatically cleaned when you leave Fortnox.
  • You may also use extensions in your browser that transparent files from websites you have visited. Try disabling these add-ons to see if that solves the problem.
  • Feel free to check the settings in your browser. If it sets, you should clear cookies and cache in connection with the browser shutting down. In Chrome, for example, you can see this by opening the link: Chrome: //settings/content/cookies.
  • Error message “Entered one-time code is no longer valid. Either you have tried too many times or the one-time code is too old.”
  • The one-time code has a limited validity period. Please try again and enter the new code that you will receive via email.
  • Error Message “We could not verify your identity. Make sure you have entered the one-time code correctly.”
  • The code entered is incorrect. Be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the email, and feel free to copy the code instead of typing it.
  • It is problematic when several different people with different devices log in to the same account, and everyone needs to enter the code received via email.

We recommend that you only use personal accounts in Fortnox. It is both for security reasons and to achieve traceability in the system. If several people use the same statement, it is impossible to decide who does what in the system. Our priority is that your data is completely secure with us.

FAQ on Fortnox login

What is it like working at Fortnox?

Here the employees are in focus, and just the fact that they have a “Wellness Floor” dedicated to the employees at the company says a lot about Fortnox as an employer. The career opportunities are many, and we see an incredible drive. We can see that Fortnox’s corporate culture is of the best kind.”

Is Fortnox Swedish?

Fortnox is a Swedish business system company that delivers a cloud-based business platform for financial administration. The company was founded in 2001 in Växjö by the entrepreneur Jan Älmeby and had since the beginning worked with developing web and cloud-based accounting services.

Conclusion on Fortnox login

In conclusion, one of the significant advantages of Fortnox is that the company has built up an extensive network of programs that are compatible with each other, which means that it has many solutions for the entrepreneur. If it does not exist within Fortnox, it probably has one of Fortnox’s partners.

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