Best Free Android Spy Apps For Cheating Spouse 2021

free android spy apps cheating spouse

The computer revolution created hundreds and even thousands of software programs to simplify users’ lives further. Likewise, there are other types of software that are specially designed for remote espionage. There are, therefore, several, some as popular and efficient as the others. This article will introduce you to the best free android spy apps for cheating spouse.

Remote spy app is a well-designed computer programs for performing espionage with the utmost discretion. With this software or tracker, it is possible to spy on their child, their spouse (e) in case of suspicion of infidelity, and his employees who have fun divulging the professional secrets of your company. Most remote spy software is compatible with smartphones. It also facilitates espionage anytime and anywhere.

6 best free android spy apps cheating spouse

Based on their popularity, performance, and most importantly, consumer reviews, we have managed to list the top 6 spyware for you.


This software is the best among all the others, especially for spying on iPhone. It is very easy to use to spy on a phone remotely.

Indeed, thanks to its call tracking function, you can follow in real-time all the calls made or received by the one you are spying on. You can also get the detailed caller profile of the one you are spying on. It will help you know if your child isn’t chatting with questionable people or if your employee is up to something bad to destabilize your business.

Its location tracking function allows you to obtain the exact position of the spied subject thanks to the mSpy GPS. You can also get all the history of the route taken by your target.

MSpy gives you the possibility to read all the messages sent and received by the person spied with the complete identity of his interlocutor. Also, you can control the received messages which are sent via social networks.

The Keylogger function allows you to have all the activity history of the person spied on the net. Apart from all these features, mSpy allows you to view photos and videos and listen to audio recordings wherever they come from. You will do all of this without being noticed by the one you are watching.


This software is specially designed for monitoring children and unscrupulous employees.

FlexiSpy allows you to have an eye on your employee’s child’s phone with its multiple functions. This software, integrated with an SMS tracker, will enable you to instantly monitor the messaging of whoever is being spied on in detail. Whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social network, nothing escapes this software. You can also intercept calls and have complete profiles of all phone contacts on the monitored phone. If you cannot listen to the intercepted call, the communication can be recorded on the software dashboard for you to listen to later.

FlexiSpy also allows you to monitor all other applications installed on the spied phone. You have the option to lock certain apps if you find them harmful to your child. In addition to other functions, FlexiSpy has GPS for geolocation to follow the phone’s movements under surveillance in great detail. FlexiSpy is undetectable by the person being spied on.


Spyzie, the most efficient android compatible spy app on the market today. This spyware offers a range of features that make it undetectable and, above all, very easy to use. Once installed on the smartphone or tablet that you want to track, this application extracts information from the Android device.

The process of installing the app is very straightforward. After creating a personal account, the user will only have to activate it on the target device.

Thanks to this program, nothing will escape you. In addition to the basic features found in this type of application, you will also check media files and take screenshots.


Hoverwatch, software designed to monitor the actions of your family and employees. Thanks to this software, you will inform in real-time of calls and messages received and sent by the target phone. With this software, you can remotely record telephone conversations without being noticed by the monitored person, to listen or replay them later.

By using Hoverwatch’s GPS function, you will track your target device and all wifi signals emitted by other peripherals not far from it. This software also allows you to take screenshots of the target phone, access its photo gallery to view them and play the videos. You also have guaranteed and easy access to all contacts without any difficulties with all the essential details regarding each contact.

The most interesting thing about this software is that it allows you to monitor five phones simultaneously. You will have no difficulty accessing the information collected, as you can receive help from the software’s help desk. Therefore, it is the perfect software to spy on both your spouse and your children. Also, Hoverwatch that you need to monitor all your employees at the greatest discretion.

It is possible to spy on a cell phone without any software/application, but it is still complicated.

Mobile Spy

In addition to doing what other apps are capable of, Mobile Spy gives the spy the ability to view the device’s screen in real-time. These spy apps tend to become widespread, both at home and at work, and this is not always for the right reason. “Tracking with the intention of harassing is very common and is growing,” said Katie Ghose, director of the international organization Women’s Aid.

Highster Mobile

The operation of Highster Mobile is hardly different from that of the two applications that we have just presented. Indeed, you must download this program, install and then activate on the target phone through a license key. There will be no settings to configure. Admit that it is not easy to get easier. Immediately after installation, the user will only have to log into his account and start tracking.

Highster Mobile doesn’t offer as many features as Spyzi, but the app does the basics.

How to spy on a free remote cell phone?

In the digital age, you can find most of the secrets in the memory of your spouse phones. Many people want to know how to spy on a phone remotely. With the right tools, it’s playable, and that’s how.

In reality, it is much easier to spy on a cell phone remotely without realizing it. All it would take to access your cell phone remotely would be to first connect via the Internet to spy software of your choice that you can purchase online.

There are different spy software that is more efficient than the others. All these apps will allow you to spy on the cell phone of your choice and have access to it in real-time by showing you the target phone’s data on your cell phone.

Installing remote spy software

Be aware that the installation of spyware varies depending on the phone model that your target is useful. Indeed, if your target has an iPhone, you can install the software remotely by taking a version without jailbreak. The steps for your installation are as follows:

  • log in to your spyware account
  • enter the apple id and password of the target
  • then click on the data download request.

From that moment, you have access to all the activity and content of your target’s phone without having it at your disposal.

The remote installation will not be possible for those who have Android phones because access to “security” settings is essential to activate “Unknown sources”. This step is important because not all spy apps come from the Google Play store. After this step, you can move on to the actual installation. You have to do the following steps:

  • connect with the URL of your spy email in the browser of your target mobile
  • press to download the file, then follow the process until the “install” command is executed.
  • after installation, press to open and activate it
  • enter your software license key then the phone number of your target
  • close the phone windows.
  • You have completed your installation.

Also, monitoring a phone is well possible if you have the right software. Remember that some necks will offer better features, so choose according to your needs and expectations.

FAQ on Free android spy apps cheating spouse

How do I get him to admit that he’s cheating on me?

Call him up and say something I know, or we need to talk about [the person your spouse is cheating on you with X Search Source]. You can start the conversation by giving her a chance to confess or asking her a question like, is there something you would like to tell me?

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To summarize, the gestures of a seduced man to find in his eyes, planted in yours, with dilated pupils. Equally important is how he positions himself. If he turns towards you, if he’s mirroring your gestures, that’s a pretty good sign.

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Conclusion on Free android spy apps cheating spouse

Finally, it is now possible to track a person’s phone activities without realizing it. These programs are true concentrates of technologies that offer feats that we only thought possible in the cinema. Once installed, they allow monitoring of social media, text messages, and calls and have an accurate location of the smartphone’s owner.

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